The Best 10 Ad Networks for bloggers and Publishers ( Ezoic, Adsense & More )

There are many ways to monetize a website, but as a content publisher, the easy and reliable way to monetize a website is using Ad networks where we can earn money by showing ads on your website. If your website is approved for Adsense, then you may feel like, oh la la la

What is the last time you’ve seen ads on a blog while reading about something, probably today or yesterday? Yes, that’s how showing ads on your website also allows you to earn money. But, there are a number of ad network providers in the market, which one you can choose and best suitable for your website? If you have this question in your mind, then read this article until the end to know more about the 10 best ad networks for bloggers and choose the one which will be suitable for your blog. 

When choosing an ad network for your site, you’ve to be aware of

  • Integration with your website 
  • How much will that ad network pay?
  • Minimum traffic requirements 
  • Support from ad networks 
  • Withdrawal methods and minimum payout

In this post, we have analyzed all the above things for you to choose the best ad network. 

Best Ad Networks for Publishers to choose


Best Ad Networks - Ezoic
Ezoic Home Page

Ezoic is an ad network platform that is powered by AI-led machine learning. You can easily optimize your site with ezoic and they have a number of advanced features to boost traffic and provide high-quality ads on your website. 

You can grow your website revenue to the maximum and ezoic’s advanced technologies will take care of your site and site’s SEO and notify publishers about any issues or improvements to be done. 

There are a number of features that can help your site to get more revenue with ezoic. With an ezoic chrome extension, you can easily set up ads on your site and according to visitors, it’ll automatically optimize ads for better visibility. 

You can easily integrate other ad networks with ezoic. If you have Google Adsense and want to try ezoic then definitely give it a try. 

Ezoic will pay you a minimum of $5 per thousand views in the beginning, but after ezoic understands your site and its visitors and depends on the niche, and the number of ads displayed on the page, you will earn from $10 to $50 per 1000 views. 

When it comes to support, ezoic has a number of ways to support you from the help center to live chat, and depending on the levels you will be able to access different support from twist to getting individual account managers to your website. 

You can withdraw your money from ezoic by Paypal and direct bank transfer through Payoneer. And the minimum payout is just $20.

Best Ad Networks - Home Page

When it comes to Google AdSense alternatives, comes into play and it is one of the largest contextual ads providers.

Other than any providers, ads attract readers to click the ads which will be helpful for publishers to earn more money through their ad placements and attractive ad formats. 

You can easily integrate their ads on your website with code and using any ad inserter plugin on WordPress. 

You can earn $5 per thousand impressions which also depends on the amount of traffic you’re getting to your website and depends on the niche. For instance, if a page has 5 ads and 200 visitors are coming, then 1000 impressions will be easily made and when compared to other ad networks, will pay more with more impressions. 

To get approval for your website, you should have 10,000 page views per month. But they will also accept low-traffic sites, so it’d be best if you give it a try. 

When it comes to withdrawal, you should have a $100 minimum and you can withdraw it using wire transfer or using PayPal and their minimum payout is $100. 

When it comes to supporting, provides email support to all the publishers and their advertisers. 

Read Requirement Approval Process here


Best ad network - Mediavine
Mediavine Homepage

When it comes to the best user experience with ads, mediavine comes into play. If you are a content creator who focuses on lifestyle, then mediavine will be the best hand to hold with your website. Not only niches based on lifestyle will be approved, but all other blog sites which have original and engaging content will also be approved by mediavine. 

To be approved by mediavine you should have 50,000-page sessions in the last 30 days per Google analytics. If you don’t know how many sessions your site is getting, make sure to check Google analytics and apply. 

On average you could earn $30 per thousand visitors which is high when compared to other ad networks. If you have high traffic, then you can earn high with mediavine. 

When it comes to withdrawal, you can withdraw your money by PayPal or domestic ACH and their minimum payout is $25.

Mediavine provides support to its publishers and advertisers by email support. 

Read Mediavine Approval Process here – Complete Process Explained


Best ad networks - AdThrive by Learn Immense
AdThrive Homepage

Like mediavine, if you are a lifestyle content creator then AdThrive will be the best choice for you. AdThrive guarantees payments even if they didn’t receive money from the advertiser, they will pay you. 

Other niche sites than lifestyle also are approved for AdThrive but you need to have 100,000 page views each month per Google analytics. 

You’ll Earn on average $15 per thousand impressions. If you have more traffic and impression, then you could earn up to 1 million. 

When it comes to withdrawal, you can withdraw your money by various payment methods from PayPal, bank transfer, or e-check/local bank transfer. And, their minimum payout is $25. 

When it comes to support, it offers ticket and email support for its publishers. 

Read More about AdThrive Requirements here


Best ad networks for bloggers - Monumetric by Learn Immense
Monumetric Homepage

Monemetric is an ad network platform that monetizes publishers’ sites by showing display ads. And there are many other ad formats that you can use to show ads on your website. 

When a reader visits your site, monumetric shows ads based on the reader’s interest and based on the content of the page. And ads will be changed automatically and it allows you to have more impressions which leads you to earn more money. 

To be approved by monumetric, you should have 10,000 pageviews per month per Google analytics. 

When it comes to withdrawal, you can use Paypal or bank transfer to withdraw your money and their minimum payout is $10. 

Read more about Monumetric Ads Approval Process

Revenue hits

Revenue hits - Best Ad Networks for Publishers
Revenue Hits

Revenue hits is an ad network platform that is based on CPA advertising network where ads will be shown based on your website traffic. Revenue hits are powered with geo-targeted ads, it’ll easily adjust ads on your site according to the visitors. For instance, if a user from India is reading, revenue hits the network will not show ads based on other countries but it’ll only show ads related to India. 

Unlike other ad networks, you don’t need to have minimum traffic requirements to be approved. Let’s give it a try to revenue hits. 

You can earn money based on eCPM, eCPM is total earnings divided by the total number of impressions in thousands. High traffic will allow you to earn more. 

You can withdraw your money using PayPal or wire transfer/Payoneer. And, their minimum payout is $20 for both PayPal and Payoneer and $500 for Wire transfers. 

When it comes to support, you can refer to their help center and they also allow you to contact them via email. 

Read more about Revenuehits requirements here

Google AdSense

Google adsense ad network for publisher
Google AdSense Homepage

Any ad network list will not be completed without Google AdSense. One of the world’s largest ad network platforms. Maybe you’ve tried or you have a Google Adsense-approved website already. Google Adsense is a contextual system and if a site wants to be approved then the site should have high-quality, unique, and engaging content. 

Apart from minimum traffic, there are a lot of requirements to be fulfilled to get AdSense approval. Read Adsense Requirements here.

You can withdraw your money directly to your bank account and their minimum payout is $100. 

You can get support from their Google AdSense help community where Google Adsense product experts will help you with Adsense issues. I’m a Google Adsense product expert and have helped people to fix their AdSense issues. 


Taboola - Ad networks for Publishers
Taboola Homepage

If you are reading an article from any big magazine then you’d have probably seen a large number of suggestions under the post. Yes, that is from taboola

Here are the taboola ads example and you’ve seen ads link, ‘content you’ve seen

Taboola ads Example
Taboola ads Example

Taboola is a good option for post/article/content recommendation ads. You can use this network if you’re getting 500,000 traffic per month. 

You can withdraw your money only by Payoneer. And they provide email support to their advertisers and publishers. 


Popads Ad Network for publishers
Popads Homepage

Popads is an ad network specializing in popunders. If you’re a new site and if you’re looking for a fast ad network approval platform then you can definitely give it a try. Popads allows publishers’ sites to be monetized with pop-up ads. So user experience will not be affected. 

Popads will be best for its high CPM rates according to the traffic you’re getting to your website. 

If you need support you can visit their help center and you also can contact them via email. 

You can withdraw your money whenever you want with Alertpay, PayPal, and wire. Their payment threshold is $5. 


Propellerads Ad Network for publishers
Propellerads Homepage

Propellerads allows you to monetize your website with different ad formats like push notifications, in-page push, popunder, direct click, and interstitial ad formats. Most of the publishers who get low traffic are going with Propeller ads. 

Propeller ads do not have any minimum traffic requirements and yes, you can get your site approved instantly the account setup process is also very easy when compared to other ad networks. 

Propellerads ads provide email support to their advertisers and publishers. 

Propellerads will pay you via PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Transfer, Webmoney, and ePayments. And their minimum payout is $25. 

Propellerads Approval Process and Requirements – Read Here

Learn More about Metaverse here

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