(Secrets) Top 20 College Life hacks for smart persons in 2022

Top 20 College Life hacks – You should not miss this if you want to be Smarter. ( Top Secrets)

College Life hacks


1. Early to College is by waking up early.

Put your mobile phone in an empty glass and keep it with you when you going to sleep and don’t forget to set the alarm. The glass and alarm sound will crank the volume. Do this and wake up early and win your day.

2. Whenever taking seminars or giving presentations, set up a friend to ask you a question.

Your friend can ask the question which you already know, answer it again and be a smart guy😉

3. Get the wi-fi password of your college.

You can save a lot of your data and use your institution data(which may be free for you) and also try to use it in a good way, not use it to make downloading large Movies😅

4. Drink and eat in Public the smart way.

Your character starts building when you are born, but it only starts changing when you know what to do, in which places.

5.Spend more time with your professors.

If you want to stand out from other students, you have to engage with your professors in free hours or office hours. While in class what they are teaching is for all, but while outside the class what they will teach you is their own experiences (sometimes some good teachers tell their own experiences for all, but not all teachers), so smartly make use of their experiences. In another way, your teacher can award you more marks for being active & enthusiastic.

6. Read more useful books and visit them often in your mind.

Every day 100s of books are getting published. We don’t whether we can read all books in this world. But we can read some books which can our inner world. There are a lot of self-help books that will improve your life. So never miss a day without a book of at least 30 pages.

7. Use different colours to take notes.

You see some of your friends have more than 1 colour of pen. But you may not know the reason, no worry, I’m going to tell that because different colours engage with their visual memory. So never be bored with one colour (mostly blue or black) try different.

8. Get active before or while studying.

You know that sometimes you don’t have any mood to study because of the work you’ve had done before studying. Our minds need to change from one state to other.

So to do that, take 6 deep breaths before you going to do any work, not only studying. It’ll calm your mind and you’ll be ready to do other work. Maybe you are going to do this after reading this blog fully😅. That’s great.

9. Use Google translate to know the meaning in your language. (Top secret)

You know that whatever you are learning will save in your mind as in your own/native language. So never forget to use google translate, you can translate all the languages in the world. Try this and learn many more than others.

10. Be nice to everyone.

It may be 3 or 5 years of study in college, so don’t make your college life have bad memories. Be pleasant and nice to everyone. (NOTE: Love wins everything) Avoid unusual arguments and avoid hanging with the persons whom you find is bad for someone.

11. Focus on Physical, Emotional and Intellectual wellness.

Focusing only on studies is not important and being smart also means being concentrated on your physical, emotional health. So if your college has a Yoga centre, do join and enjoy the moments of stillness.

12. Try to take as many Online courses as possible. (One of the Top most college life hacks – Make use of this)

Having a college degree is sure useful but not in all stages. But having a Certificate with you is useful in all areas. For instance, I’m a student in English Literature, I have my degree but I can’t show it or use it for IT/Tech related jobs. But If I have a certificate which I completed in a course of learning Java, it’ll be useful. So don’t depend on your college degree only.

13. Don’t pay full money for your textbooks.

In this digital world, many people are going for e-books, yes it is cost-free. No matter when the books were published they’ll be available online as an e-book. So use it. I use pdfdrive.net to download ebooks, which is very easy to use and download e-books.

14. Don’t use Credit cards.

As I said in this digital world, you may get all things for free or you can get free trials. So don’t use your real credit cards for free trials to try something new, use gift cards.

15. Always keep in touch with the people you love.

Feeling lonely is common nowadays. So at least a day a week call them and speak which will help to combat lonely feel and homesickness.

16. Read useful blog posts.

What you are reading now is a useful blog. Like that Google has a lot of blogs, which you can read to improve your life & knowledge. If you want Learn Immense to help you to grow, do sign up for our exclusive mails,


17. Decrease down the time which you spend watching TV or playing Video games.

If you do these activities then it’ll make you a lazy person and you’ll start procrastinating on all imp important works you have. So instead of these, you can do domestic works or you can listen to the amazing podcasts. Learn Immense also have a Podcast – The Intellectuals Show, do check out now.

18. Support your friends.

Gaining knowledge is now easy for all. But the hard thing is gaining good knowledge is very hard. So whenever you read or learn something new, do share this with your friends. Sharing also helps you to grow the mentality of helping. We know that you are going to share this blog post with your friends. Thats are awesome 😉

19. Be Punctual.

Being punctual is not hard as you think. It is easy if you have the right intention to right things at the right time. Punctuality is key to grow yourself when compared to others who may not have that quality.

20. Learning has no horizons.

We believe in the above phrase(learning has no horizons).

  • Learn every moment
  • Learn the words every time you speak with someone
  • Learn to see the way you are going now.
  • Learn to listen to the bird’s sounds.
  • Learn to love every drop of rain.
  • Learn Everything.
  • Learn from Learn Immense writers.

Thanks for reading!

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