3 Signs You have an healthy relationship with your Emotions

Understanding emotions in a great and easy way.

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Most of you stuck on Emotions. Do you know What is the meaning of the word ‘Emotion’? Yes, we all think, the way that we know What is Emotion. But in reality 10 in 50 people only knew what is mean by emotion. Let’s see what it is


What is Emotion ?

Emotion is a feeling extracting from the things happening to us or Emotion is a feeling extracting from one’s own circumstances, mood and relationship with others.

There are three aspects of emotions that we all know to have a healthy relationship with our Emotions.

  1. Cognitive
  2. Psychological
  3. Behavioural

Cognitive aspect of Emotion

Cognitive aspect refer to the thinking when one feels an emotion. For instance, we are going to get huge success, what a beautiful day!  I think weawe going to stuck out of petrol here.

These are the thinkings arriving when one feels an emotion .

Psychological aspect of emotion

You may sweat when you are feared or going through hard times. Here simply your body is changing its nature according to what your mind is thinking.

Behavioural aspect of emotion

It refers,  what people are going to do when felt an emotion. For instance, you feel happy so you are reading. Now you felt knowledgeable, then what you are going to do?

Having a healthy relationship with our emotions is a need for now and the future so let’s see some of the signs.

1. You know what you want.

If you have the habit of selecting people whom you want with you,  what book you want to read, what clothes you want to wear, what thoughts you want to have?

If you know what are the things you want in your life, then I am pretty sure that you must need Learn Immense for the future.

If you don’t know what you want in your life then this is the time to take a pen and write what you want.


2. You never Procrastinate.

Many people fail to understand the value of one’s own time. every minute every second is increasing in time clock but in our life, our presence, in this world is decreasing.

But if you are the one who never procrastinates then excess your life by adding a huge amount of sands in your sand clock.

3. You never look for reassurance.

Many people ask for reassurance for even for small things. you know that things are not going to be bad but you reassure (confirm) with others that things are not going to be bad.

If you have confidence then is there any necessity for reassurance? Absolutely no. Be confident.  All things will be good for you.

If you have these 3 signs then your relationship with your own emotions is in good state.

Thank you for reading.

3 things for future

Arun Kumar S
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