8 things we must decide now for better future.


Today we’ll dive into special analysis and by end of this article, you’ll be in a position to do things that will enhance your future. 

Before getting into that, I just want to say that, when I start writing this, I see plenty of trees dancing in the evening breeze and this scenario gives me the hope that I will get natural air for my future days. As the same, if you want good air for the future then you should plant saplings today. 

Let’s get into that topic,

1. Having a plan ‘B’ may not be helpful.

When it comes to deciding your future job, most of you have a plan ‘B’ in your life. For instance, if I am not passed in Central exams then I have a plan ‘B’ to go in state exams. They think that it’ll be helpful. Yes of course it’ll. But many times having a plan ‘B’ will reduce the capacity of flame burning in you to get plan ‘A’.

So I suggest you decide whether you want to plan ‘B’ or not. Having a plan ‘B’ is ok. But if you have a burning desire for Plan ‘A’,  then drop down the plan ‘B’ and spend drops of smart work and hard work. One day in future you will think about me or this article and I hope you will be happy in future. 

2. Spending time gaining knowledge or money.

Gaining money without knowledge will not last forever, but gaining knowledge even without money will remain in you forever.

As I see how many people are involved in trading and stock market activities, and they have an interest in earning money by forecasting the trends in the market. But how many of them learnt basic trading and then enter the market?  The Answer is FEW. 

When those people forecast the trends the fate in their forehead will lead them to fall totally. By these things, what I want to convey here is, learning about many things and the knowledge gaining to earn money should be strong. 

Making money is easy if you know how to make money with your knowledge? 

3. Spending time for your body is waste or useful?

I hope after this pandemic emerged, many people took care of their body and their mind. I don’t know those who are reading this, having the habit of doing exercises, meditation or mindfulness practices. If you are the one who does any of these, then I must ensure that you have a stronger body to do difficult things even in your old age.

But if you are the one who doesn’t have this habit, then  I urge you, people, to start doing any of these activities just for 5 to 10 minutes. It will be helpful in your future. I don’t know how many of you are a woman reading this, the girls who don’t want to stretch their body now, they’ll have stressful life in future.

4. Accepting the future is a problem.

You don’t expect problems to come in your life, because our life is full of problems and with the help of happiness we’re living our life fully. Few people tend to accept and solve the problem but many people fail to walk against problems because they’re lacking awareness about them. We all must know that Problem is essential to lead our life. We don’t expect the problems but the nature of our life is that, so be prepared for problems will reduce the stress you are going to have will be small.

5. Having intimate connection.

Having an intimate connection with anything is ok. But it should not ruin your time. An intimate connection with an unuseful book is not going to fetch anything for you. So even in your life decide whether your relationship, study, friends connection with yourself.

6. Pleasure or honesty?

We’re living our life just for few things like gaining money, having pleasures, earning honesty, learning new things and other few. But as a whole, our life depends only on few things – honesty and pleasure. Think about whether in your life; what you’re searching for? I would say that if it’s honesty you’re avoiding pleasure. if it’s pleasure you are out of life to live respectfully but if you want both at the same time in a decent manner, then your life is going to be good.

7. Finding your passion.

Passion is what you are making of your own life.

Many of you have different needs in your life. Sometimes by doing those needs will become a passion. But by doing unnecessary or fulfilling the needs which you won’t have any use will not become a passion. So finding the very useful needs is the first step to find your passion. After finding a passion you must dedicate yourself. Complete that and enjoy every glimpse of your life.

8. Creating your future.

Creating the future is creating now. Many people try to predict the future, no.. our future is in our hands. Create it. Take the best things and help from many people to achieve what you want in your life. Note the 7 things which are explained above and try to get what you want.

Thank you for reading.

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Arun Kumar S
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