Adaptability – The new skill to learn in 2021

Adaptability – The new skill to learn in 2021.
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Do you adapt yourself to live without your loved ones? Do you adapt yourself to live with Covid-19, Do you adapt yourself to live with sadness, Do you adapt yourself to live without mobile phones? Do you adapt yourself to live without the internet?  Do you adapt yourself to the future?

For all the above questions we may answer Yes or No. But to live our lives in a great way, we must adapt ourselves to every change.

Adaptability – The new needed skill.

Adaptability is nothing but accepting the change which we didn’t expect like Covid lockdowns. We will expect the changes in future and the present, we are just adapting all those unknowingly. If I say we’re living with Covid-19 you might think Yes. We’re adapting ourselves to live with Covid-19 but we’re not learnt to adapt to other things which we think is useful before Covid-19. We shall see what are things we’ve to adapt for our future life.

Learning in College is not going to help forever.

Even nowadays in many countries, parents are asking their children to go to college and tell them to score good marks in their final exam. These are ok before Covid-19. But at present, we’re seeing a lot of advanced technologies that will help children to learn more effectively than before. Simply we know this but we’re not in a condition to accept this, maybe due to government policies, societal norms and cultures are resisting us to accept.

But the world has changed a lot after Covid-19, so learning in College only not going to help forever. Technology helps us to learn independent of our location. We can learn anything from where we are now. But before Covid-19 we’re dependent on location-dependent learning. We all have to adapt ourselves to learn independent of our location.

We can learn anything from anywhere and everything we want from anywhere.

Spending money on Schools and Colleges is not going to be useful.

As we’ve discussed above, location independent learning is going to rule this world. So why we’ve to waste our money on that. As said, these may not acceptable for you because of society, government and many. But this is the reality that will go to happen.

Doing 24 hours work and earning money is not suitable for us all in future.

During this Covid, many people have lost their jobs due to many reasons. But one reason we didn’t focus is, they are not given enough time to earn money. Because the whole world was in lockdown for few days. So many people had learnt Online works and start earning money. Even as a freelancer you can earn money. Earning money online is sweat-free, but you’ve to work smart and hard enough.

Learning and earning Online is quite easy but you’ve to be patient before earning and learning.

– Arun Kumar S

Working in an office is not needed for the future.

As you see many companies offer their workers to work in the home. Even a tech giant Google allows its workers to work in the home. This is not only in an emergency state. This will remain in future because it eases the work to be done in-home and office, so if it’s work in the home then it’s easier to take care of their home. And by this loneliness feeling in a child will be avoided, because his/her parents are going to be with them a full day.

Adaptability ends Suffering.

Even you and your friend have had discussed; how our life is going to be in Lockdown and Corona, but the world is exclaimed about the power of adaptability. Our actions lead to results. Some results may cause us suffering, Suffering can end by adapting the results. For instance, I’m going to do a HIIT workout for the next few days(action) and by that, I got muscle pain(results) but I’ve managed to live with pain for few days because today’s pain is going to become great happiness.

Note, here I’ve adopted myself according to future life. I’m not just adapting myself to recent changes, I’m also adapting that for the future. So adapt yourself according to present and future.

Adaptability with friends and loved ones.

“The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings.”

– Kakuzo Okakura

Mostly all our surroundings are just filled with our friends, family and loved ones. Most of the times, a girl from another house is going to adapt herself in husband’s home. At the same, the boy is adapting his life by spending his time with his girl. There are many things which people are experiencing in marriage life is many changes. Both of them have to adapt to new situations. Because they have the responsibility to lead their life by adjusting one’s emotions, feelings, desires and dreams.

Adaptability with mind and mind.

Generally, human beings have high IQ than any other living organisms but we’re failed to use them to the fullest potential and we’re adapting to the present fading changes. Here changes happening to our brain is normal but adapting that for our whole life is not a good idea. If we have a wound on the body, our whole inner system adapts to painful condition for few days, but after the wound cleared, our body system becomes normal. Like this, we’ve to adapt at a time where needed and we’ve to change after the change is over.

Adaptability is not a pathway always in your life.

Changes are happening every day, as changes are changing we have to adapt to the changes which are not going to change in future. But if you are experiencing a change that will be resolved then you have to wait for adapting to that. If you know this is not a big issue or you are sure: this is going to end soon, then you don’t have to adapt yourself to blinking changes.

Thank you for reading.

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Arun Kumar S
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