AI in fashion Industry is creating a massive change – (Artificial Intelligence & Fashion in 2021)

The fashion industry, a multibillion-dollar global enterprise devoted to the business of making and selling clothes. 

Ai in fashion

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in fashion is creating a massive change in this industry by playing a crucial role in various aspects. From design to manufacturing, logistic supply chain, and marketing, AI in fashion is all over the fashion industry. 

Here is the list of some interesting areas where AI is being used.


The Apparel manufacturing unit is a labor-intensive industry. Various divisions with multiple types of machinery and skilled labor are involved in this process. From fiber to fabric and fabric to the final garment there are mundane tasks, now AI can perform with better accuracy at a faster speed reducing the extra cost on workers. 

AI-enabled machines work with perfection while at the same time it can also offer quality assurance. 


AI provides an automated solution to monitor the customer’s activities while shopping and visualize their sentiments to know what kind of products they prefer to buy and what they ignore. This helps the store to get a valuable record to increase the sales in specific products. 


According to the body type and fashion preferences, AI helps the client to make a perfect choice by completely analyzing. Such AI-enabled clothes and outfits are not only tailored for different occasions and weather, but also to the user’s style, body type,  colors, and the latest fashion trends. Customers often want to try out new clothes but simply don’t know how to style them.  Outfit recommendations show customers the ways they can wear different products together. 

Inspiring the customer with editorial quality AI styling means upselling and increasing basket size from just one product to a  complete look.


AI collects and analyses data from social media, e-commerce platforms, and the runway to find future fashion trends for each product category with maximum precision. 

That information is then combined with the data on past performance and customer behavior to establish the precise future trend. 

Ai in fashion


AI visual search is used to understand the content and context of the clicked images and return a list of related results. You can use your camera to capture an object and search the same online. AI-enabled computer vision-based visual search technology allows retailers to suggest products to shoppers. It lets the customers use pictures of clothing they like or influencer/celebrity styles they want to imitate to search for products. AI identifies all products in the photo and finds the closest match for each of those products from a retailer’s stock. 

Visual search helps customers find exactly what they are looking for even in cases were putting it into text is difficult. 

Letting the customers show their preferred style gives retailers the ability to inspire them with styles that match their tastes. It also helps to gain a deeper understanding of changing consumer demand. 


The AI smart mirror is installed in the fitting room of retail stores with touch screen glasses, they will help to get information about the item the customer has brought into the store. The interactive mirrors in each fitting room give the user the option to contact a stylist, change the lighting, and attach the items she has tried on during the visit to a personal profile so they can be accessed during future visits to the store.

Here is one of the examples of a team where the blend of fashion and technology takes place. 


Zalando is an online retailer in Europe and the UK, which is a major company that is developing software for designers. Zalando Research is an endeavor to place Zalando at the forefront of cutting-edge research and to complement the already strong foothold on technology. Their aim is to give their great researchers an outlet where they can be better organized and aligned. Finally, creating greater impact in the tech research community, especially in the fields of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. 

They are developing AI solutions for the personalization of fit; visual searches for fashion images; determining diversity of design; recommendations for future customer purchases; pricing recommendations; generative fashion design; generative fashion image swapping using avatars, and image transfer. 

This can be useful in design studies. The AI helps to display how the same garment can be worn by different people. This could help with grading or designing for size. Thus, AI can be used in the design & merchandising of fashion. 

Fashion Technology as a field that emphasizes the techniques and equipment used to produce fashion products has also brought massive results in the arena of Artificial Intelligence. Check out our future blogs for more interesting content. 

“Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” _ Henry Ford.

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