An Overlooked Kindness!( short story)

It was around 8:15 am when she rushed to the bus stand, which was chock-a-block ,in fear of missing her bus to reach her college.Fortunate enough of being a couple of minutes earlier she stood panting heavily, looking at her wristwatch while the sun kissed her rosy cheeks as usual. As soon as the bus, for which everyone was waiting, reached the bus stand, and stopped, the people over there inside the bus stepped out of the bus one after the other. The crowd which was waiting gathered near the entrance door of the bus.

As soon as everyone on the bus got down, the mass, mostly college students stepped in the bus, and those who were ahead managed to have a seat, and the rest stood on the foot. Since there was no seat left unoccupied, she stood behind the seat of the driver holding the handgrip with her right hand and the left holding her bag while every other student was concerned about holding their mobile phones with the grip.

While she was cheesed off by the ear-splitting cacophony of a song played on the bus fused with the trifling matters discussed over the phone calls by the people over there, came a bolt from the blue – a girl behind her patted her shoulders, calling her. When she swirled to look at her, the girl who called her pointed out another girl standing beside her, and when she saw the second girl, she pointed out another one, a dark-skinned old woman, who was sitting on a seat which was just over the footboard of the bus. Being baffled, she managed to make out the gestures made by the old lady, who was pointing her out to have a look on her leg.

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Amidst the jostling crowd, suddenly she saw her leg and couldn’t figure out what, and once again her eyes met the old lady’s. Having understood that the girl was unable to make sense, the lady in her warbled voice said “Look at your anklets, Dear “.

In a place where one can’t hear oneself think, the girl managed to get hold of the woman’s words, and when she looked at her anklets, she was amazed to know that the screw of her anklet, which was hiding inside her cut shoe, was loosened. As soon as she figured this out, she bent herself down and tightened the screw of her left leg anklet by her left hand. When she got up, she looked for the lady on the seat and could hardly get the sight of her, since the bus was thronged with passengers. Then the bus started moving and reached the college stop. The students and some other passengers started to step out of the bus one after the other and so did she.

As soon as she got down she again peeped through the entrance door of the bus and her eyes searched for that kind woman. Suddenly, the old woman’s eyes met hers. She requited her gratitude to the gentlewoman through her compassionate Smile.


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  1. In this rapid pace world , many of we fail to notice the kindness which is being showered on us by strangers. Beautifully narrated!!

  2. Very nice!! I really liked it🙂
    The words you used for the story are so awesome!!💯
    Keep doing🤟

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