Top 20 Apps for College Students to know in 2022( FREE APPS)

Top 20 Apps for College Students to know in 2022( FREE APPS)

Top 20 Apps for College Students to know in 2022( FREE APPS)

Top 20 Apps for College Students to know in 2022( FREE APPS)

According to at Present, Google Play Store has 2.6 + million apps that are available Worldwide. We will not have enough time to go through even 100 apps per week. But we all are using at least 5 apps from the play store. We may forget to find other best and most useful apps. So here in this Article Learn Immense writers went into deep research of top 20 apps which will be useful for college students. We are not suggesting you use it all at once but try all these apps and then forget to uninstall the button of these apps and get the most out of them.

Apps for students in Time Management


Cost: Free

Platforms: Android, iOS.

RescueTime application allows students to keep track of how and where they spend their time online. This service, which works mostly behind the scenes, has been one of the favorite productivity apps for years.

 RescueTime automatically tracks application usage on your Android device and desktop computer to give you a full and accurate picture of how you spend your time. Activities are automatically categorized by productivity level, so you can see how your phone usage impacts your day, work patterns, and overall focus.

Creating goals is a great way to improve focus. You can set specific goals and let RescueTime track whether you’re meeting them. All you have to do is choose a task and a timeframe. As soon as the task is completed, an alert will be sent out.


  • Works seamlessly and quietly in the background
  • Tracks time in apps and on sites
  • Excellent reports and customization

Mobile devices have become an integrated part of our life, but they are also a source of distraction. Luckily, the RescueTime Android and iOS app automatically track time, enable users to set goals, and block websites and apps that can disturb the user. Unfortunately, RescueTime can’t log calls and web details.

RescueTime Lite is free forever. However, for even more control over how you spend your time, you can upgrade to RescueTime Premium for $12/month or $78/year.

2. 30/30

apps for college students

Cost: Free

Platforms: Android, iOS.

 30/30 is an application that allows you to allocate time to things on your to-do list. 

30/30 Timer is free and super-easy to use, and it allows you to decide what type of alarm to set and for how long.

The app is built around the ’30/30 work cycle’ concept, which advocates a balanced approach to performance. 30/30 refers to alternating between work and rest in 30-minute increments. As a result, you spend 30 or 60 minutes on a task and another 30 minutes relaxing in preparation for another activity.

Here’s the feature set that 30/30 offers:

  • Gesture-based interface
  • Fully customizable task list: label, time, icon, and color
  • Virtually unlimited number of tasks
  • Options let you control how you are notified

 Additional features include vibrating and audible alerts when a task timer runs out, as well as intuitive touch and swipe features for adding and editing new tasks and categories. This app contains no inappropriate or adult content and is easy to use for anyone and it is a free-of-cost application.


Cost: Free + Paid Version

Platforms: Android, iOS.

My Daily Planner is, obviously, a daily planner app you can use on your Android. Actually, this app merges multiple useful functionalities, including a to-do planner and to-do lists, calendars, reminders, and more.

My daily planner helps you keep track of work deadlines and provides regular reminders so you always know what you need to complete.

Being one of the best daily planner apps, My Daily Planner lets you plan, create, and view your stuff on a calendar, check the number of tasks per day, week, or month. It also lets you create unlimited reminders per each task or only for the most important ones, then cross out the ones you’ve completed.

It’s hard for our brain to work with big tasks.  This app breaks large tasks into subtasks so that you yourself will facilitate the work of your brain.  On the other hand, the app has a free version, but it doesn’t support all features.

Apps for Students in Studies


Cost: Free

Platforms: Android, iOS.

Best note-taking app for students. The app’s biggest selling point is its versatility. 

Apart from taking notes, you can manage projects, create a calendar, write a daily journal, plan travel itineraries, and much more. 

You can use it to not only organize your uni work but pretty much everything else in your life.

There are hundreds of templates you can use on Notion to organize your notes even more efficiently.

On top of that, you can sync your notes across all devices.

For personal use, Notion doesn’t cost anything. You’ll get unlimited pages and blocks, access for five guests, the ability to sync across devices, and API access without ever paying a dime. 

If you’re looking to add additional file upload space, unlimited guests, or collaborative workspaces, upgrades to the $4 Personal Pro plan or $8 Team plan are always an option.


Cost: FREE

Platforms: Android, iOS.

SimpleMind is a commercial mind mapping software application developed by ModelMaker Tools. 

The software provides ways for users to visualize information in mind maps and flowcharts. SimpleMind can be used to manage projects, organize information, and for brainstorming.

Everything you need to get started with mind mapping.No ads in between. No data collection. No need to sign up for an account. Upgrade to full functionality is a one-time single purchase.

Available via your browser as well as an app.

SimpleMind gives you all of the functionality you’d have if you were drawing a mind map by hand – plus even more if you’re happy to pay for it. 


Cost: FREE

Platforms: Android, iOS.

If you’re going to encounter numbers at any point in your degree, you should seriously think about downloading Mathway – one of the best apps for students who use maths.

All you have to do is type in your problem and Mathway will solve it for you. 

If you’d like to know how to get the answer rather than just what it is, Mathway can also give a detailed step-by-step guide to finding the solution.

Apps to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle


Cost: Free & Premium membership available.

Platforms: Android, iOS

With more than five million users, MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular calorie-counting apps out there. 

The app allows you to track your calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrate intake. 

You can also scan barcodes of food items if you don’t want to manually enter all of that information yourself. 

The app offers a variety of tracking tools and helps you understand how each component affects your diet throughout the day. It also helps with portion control, which is super important when you’re in college and have access to unlimited junk food in your dining hall. 

You can even create your own recipes and meals in MyFitnessPal so you don’t have to rely on store-bought food products. A free version exists and also Premium membership is available.


Cost: Free + Paid Version

Platforms: Android, iOS

You would have heard about Duolingo plenty of times whenever it comes to learning languages. Do you want to learn Spanish or French or any other foreign language? Duolingo has got you covered as it provides learnings for 37 different languages.

You will be amazed by the languages being offered by Duolingo. From the endangered languages like Hawaiian and Navajo to the fictional languages such as High Valyrian from Game of Thrones and Klingon from Star Trek, you can learn it all. You can learn all the languages from one single app.

The best thing about Duolingo is that it takes up a game-like approach for providing learnings. With every wrong answer in the quiz, the user will lose “hearts,” and the user can also refill them with the help of virtual coins. The users get to learn vocabulary with the help of images to remember it in a better way. Similarly, grammar is taught to the users by asking them to translate the language in a complete-the-sentence format.


Cost: Free & Paid feature available

Platforms: Android & iOS.

According to Happify, research suggests that positive emotions are linked with higher levels of energy and increased feelings of vitality. 

The Happify app aims to teach you how to be happier by using games, quizzes, and exercises designed by psychologists, teachers, and medical professionals. 

Using a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness techniques can help you develop skills to overcome depression or anxiety issues, as well as improve your emotional well-being in general.

With more than 300 guided activities, Happify is all about relieving stress and becoming happier through small daily actions. By taking five minutes every day to complete simple self-guided challenges, you’ll become mindful of your habits and create long-lasting changes in your life.

 For example, if you rate yourself as very depressed at the time of writing, an exercise might be: Think about things that make you happy. Imagine how great it would feel to work toward bringing some of those things into your life.

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Apps for Gaining knowledge about money


Cost: Free

Platforms: Android/IOS

The age group is what matters the most for most of the financial literacy jargon, World of Money has content for every single age group out there be it a teen who needs to manage his/her allowance or an individual adult who is in dire need of financial assistance.

Lessons have a video module with a quiz at the end of each module. Modules are usually taught by World of Money graduates who are the same age as the target audience, giving users the opportunity to learn from their peers.

 In addition to the Money Track curriculum; Learners are taught about the importance of philanthropy and that there is a possibility for them to be the change they seek in the world.

11. ZOGO

Cost: Free

Platforms: Android/IOS

 Zogo is kind of a unique group that is into the way it makes finance fun and keeps its users motivated to learn more. Just like Duolingo, the most popular and extremely rated language-learning app. The Learner will progress through a skillset tree with modules dedicated to different individual financial concepts, such as budgeting and building wealth as a whole. Each module offers bite-sized lessons that the Learner can complete in a couple of minutes.

What’s most exciting about Zogo is that it actually pays the learner to complete lessons. Through coordinated partnerships with financial institutions, Zogo rewards users with gift cards from well-known brands, including Amazon, Target, and Starbucks.


Cost: Free

Platforms: Android/iOS.

Investmate takes the often extremely complicated subject of investing and simplifies it with jargon-free easy lessons. Courses are designed by specialized finance experts and mostly feature real-world examples to aid the learning.

Along with its courses, Investmate also has quizzes, videos, and a comprehensive idealistic glossary. Investmate can be taken as quite an easy pathway for learners who are interested.

Apps for students to learn new things


Cost: Free

Platforms: Android, iOS

Do facts and trivia amaze you?

If yes, then Trivia Crack is the best app that is filled with interesting facts and trivia. All you need to do is give 5 minutes of your day to the app, and you’ll be able to learn something interesting from various fields. There is something new to explore on this app every day, from cultural norms to computer science.

The app is a fun trivia game that you can either play alone or even bring in your friends to challenge them. Whether you are a fan of general knowledge and pub quizzes or an aspirant preparing for general knowledge exams, you will find this app to be the perfect one to fit in your schedule of the day.

You will find six different categories of quizzes to explore. From geography to art, you can find what really interests you. There are thousands of questions coming up every day in the app. This app is a bit similar to the classic Trivial Pursuit game, where the objective was to collect a character based on every category.

If some basic information is clear, you are on the right track to gaining a lot more knowledge every day.


apps for college students

Cost: Free + Paid Version.

Platform: Android, iOS

Books are known to be the best source for gaining knowledge as well as growing with time. But, it might get a bit challenging to read all the books on your to-do list. This is where Blinkist is available for your rescue. If there is a huge collection of books available on your to-do list, then this is the perfect app for your requirement.

The best thing about Blinkist is that it provides 15-minute insights for more than 4000 books. Before reading the entire book, you can either listen or read the summary of the book to get a basic understanding of the theme of the book. There is a huge category of books available on Blinkist, from Psychology and Non-fiction to Self-development and Fiction.

Other than books, the app also offers original content in the form of podcasts and other perspectives. You will receive recommendations for books based on what your interests are. This app is useful for you to decide whether a book is worthy enough to invest your time in.

15. TED

Cost: Free

Platforms: Android, iOS

TED Talks is a famous app for delivering quality content in the form of videos on various topics. As soon as you download the app, you will have a complete database of videos covering several topics. TED Talks are pretty small videos with a lot of value to capture from them. You will definitely find something that interests you every single day and helps you learn something new every day.

Over TED Talks, you can decide on the topic which you wish to learn about. If you are not sure about which category, to begin with, you can check out the 25 most popular talks of all time.

This app is the go-to option for commuting or having a break because most videos are less than 20 minutes on TED Talks.

Apps for Relaxation


Cost: Free and paid version.

Platform: Android & iOS

Meditation is an important part of maintaining both physical and mental health. Headspace will take care of your mental health.

Not only can it lower stress levels, but it can also help to fight depression. Even if you’re not having issues with anxiety or depression, meditation can still improve your overall mood by lowering levels of cortisol, which is released when under stress. 

Headspace is one of those apps that almost everyone can benefit from using. For as little as 10 minutes a day, you can work on improving your mental health with guided meditation exercises.

It’s especially good for college students since staying healthy and mentally balanced is difficult when living in such close quarters with other people. Additionally, Headspace comes preloaded with different meditations geared toward specific topics. When it comes to stress management, meditation is one of the best things you can do for yourself. 

This app offers an introduction to mindfulness and guided meditation, as well as courses on mindfulness. It also includes short sessions so you can easily fit them into your daily routine.


Cost: Free + Paid Versions

Platforms: Android, iOS

Smiling Mind app is one of the most popular apps for student relaxation. It offers free mindfulness exercises for teachers and education professionals. Award-winning SEL-focused school program building healthy minds and engaged classrooms. It can be used by all ages can be used by both ios and android users.

  • Mindfulness activities and meditations for students and teachers.
  • Classroom resources for a social-emotional learning curriculum.
  • Clear lesson plans.
  • Practical resources for the classroom.
  • New digital care packages to support kids’ mental health through the pandemic.


Cost: Free

Platform: Android, iOS

My life meditation is a free app for both students and counselors, it is an award-winning meditation app with mindfulness exercises and games built for the classroom. It can be used by all ages students, it can be used by both ios and android users.

Over 400+ premium activities with new social-emotional learning activities added monthly. Tools to monitor classroom and social-emotional climate. Web-based mindfulness application for classroom and student at-home use. Meditations for middle school and high school students. Guided mindfulness audio tracks, videos on yoga, and acupressure & Animated mindful games. It also offers self-care for educators and counselors & Access to an education community group on Facebook.

Apps for Students to be Ready for Future

19. Khan Academy.

Cost: Free

Platforms: Android, iOS

At Present, most of the education platforms and institutions are providing education in terms of how much fee we are paying. But Khan Academy is Providing high-class education at absolutely no cost. One can learn from great teachers and from Reputed Institutions. Its goal is to create a set of online tools that help educate students. The organization produces short lessons in the form of videos. Go and check their app and get most out of it.

20. Future Me

Cost: Free

Platforms: Android, iOS

How do you feel if you are going to get a letter from you in future days? It will be somewhat exciting? Yes. With the help of the Future Me app, you can write a letter for your future self. I can say nothing about this, you have to feel by yourself, go and download, then write a future letter of yourself, when you get a letter in Future, this of Learn Immense and remind yourself to read our other blogs.

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