Arranged marriage vs love marriage – Which is better for you(Aged 20 then must read)


arranged marriage vs love marriage

 In this world of the internet many people are searching about arrange marriage vs love marriages’ success rate, advantages and disadvantages. In this article we are going to see why this takes place and some interesting facts about both love and arranged marriages. 

We know that marriage is very important in our life and at the same time, choosing the right life partner is also important to lead our life happily. I am excited to write about this love and arrange marriage, because it is an evergreen topic to speak, write, discuss or debate. 

You all already know about arranged marriages and love marriages. People who love their partner before marriage and getting married are love marriages.  People who love marriage and are married to a person who was selected by family or relatives is an arranged marriage.

In India and in past times most people prefer arranged marriages to love marriage. Many in the western world find arranged marriages to be funny and sometimes disgusting. But whatever the world’s idea, it is Up to you whether you choose love marriage or arranged marriage.  

Some of your relatives will say this is the correct age to get married, no. Don’t believe them.  you actually know what is the right age to get married. You are going to live your life with them together for 50 years or maybe up to a hundred years.  No matter what your family members or relatives are saying, decide yourself whether you are going to love someone and after getting married,  are getting married first then going to love your partner.  once again it is up to you no one has the right to choose your life partner. 

Arranged marriage vs love marriage.

Advantages of love marriage

arranged marriage vs love marriage

  • Love marriages you have the right to choose your right life partner. 
  • In a love marriage they already know about  each other, so that conflicts after the marriage will not take place. 
  • In love marriages you have many choices to choose a person but in arranged marriages, you don’t have enough choices because most arranged marriages are done in the same caste, same religion or in the same job…
  • In the present world, both men and women are equal, so in love marriages equality prevails more than in arranged marriages.
  • Mutual understanding will be stronger in love marriages.

Disadvantages of love marriage

  • Here the man and woman themselves get married to each other so they don’t care about their relatives or family members.
  • You may witness some Honour killings that took place in India. This shows that love marriages are still unacceptable in many parts of India and in many parts of the world.
  • Youngsters get confused with attraction and love. Sometimes attraction is by eye and most times love is by heart.
  • Many people think that love is the only thing in their life apart from love, there are many things which they want to achieve.

Advantages of arranged marriages

arranged marriage vs love marriage

  • Your future is well decided by your parents or by your relatives.

love in love marriages tends to fade away with time, whereas love in arranged marriages grows with time.- Dr Robert Epstein, an American psychologist,

  • In arranged marriages your parents will enquire about your partner family and relatives. so for you the same love will be shown to you by your partner’s daily.
  • In arranged marriages the quality of ‘adjusting’ is more than love marriages .because the arranged marriages are done and decided by family members so they learn how to adjust from their parents. 

Disadvantages of arranged marriage

  • Arranged marriages are like betting horses in a race. sometimes the love horse may win and sometimes may not. 
  • The couples don’t know each other.  Even if they don’t know about his/her character,  IT results in conflicts between them.
  • Forced marriages happen in the name of arranged marriages.
  • If they want to divorce, they can’t because of their family situation(some may say respect of the family in the society)

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