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Everyone would be familiar with the term ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI). If not I will explain AI in simple words. ” The work of the human that is performed manually is rather done through a machine”. It is the term that provides the traits to be applied to any machine that includes human mind problem solving and decision-making techniques. AI has been changing each and everyone’s life for many decades. As now, AI is going to play an important role in future.

AI is associated with human intelligence in which some of the characteristics are similar to mankind. In what way do you think AI is similar to human intelligence?

Here are some ways,
#1. Reasoning.
#2. Problem-solving.
#3. Virtual perception.
#4. Understanding.
#5. Language.

These are only very few similarities but, you readers suggest any other usage of similarity of AI with humans.

What do you think when your work is going to be done by one single word you speak?

Yeah, life will get much easier, convenient and delightful. All the works will be done in less time and that will save lot of time. As you think, the future is going
to be the art of AI.

Why we need AI( Artificial intelligence)

We are growing at faster and huge rates, the increasing scale also increases entropy in the life system in which we are demanded to do a large number of tasks that are to be automated and centralised. In other simple word, human feelings are implemented in
machines through AI. This would be a greater benefit for mankind.

How AI can change the future of society?

Artificial intelligence AI
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AI can change your life drastically in future years. Future is going to be fully the work done by AI to replace human work. Let’s dig deep into this.


Here are some areas where AI will take a tremendous part in future:

1. AI in Transportation.

Autonomous vehicles will take part in future transportation through AI. Autonomous cars, trucks, Robo taxis are some of the examples of AI in which it is the reality to come for the transportation in future. The main goal of these autonomous technologies will improve safety and reduce the cost of transporting goods and people. The lives of people will be save and there will be low number of accidents.

The functions of autonomous vehicles
will be replaced by electronic systems. How can those functions be performed? (Through image sensor, radar etc..). Please help the electronic systems (driver) to operate the car where the car is located and where it will go. There will be less traffic in future.

2. AI in Agriculture

Artificial intelligence AI
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Agriculture farming is one of the most primitive professions worldwide. Food producers are now struggling to fight against the diseases of the crop plants and poor plant nutrition made by the climatic changes and enormous pesticides use. But now agriculture is being a part of AI.

Improved harvest quality and accuracy are achieved by artificial intelligence that helps the farmers using precision agriculture. AI sensors will play a major role in detecting and targeting weeds which help to apply suitable herbicides within the correct zones of the field.

Computer vision enabled farming will be the advancement of AI in agriculture where farmers monitor their farms through flying drones over their fields.

3. AI in healthcare

With the great mind of tech scientists in healthcare innovation AI has received a drastic and massive boost in recent years. In future, clinical procedures will be speeded up by innovations that will process an enormous amount of information in medical science in just a few minutes.

AI technology will likely replace the role of diagnosis of the physician in future. For example, if a patient approaches the physician for swelling of wound AI will analyse the condition of wounds like the smell, colour, pain level and the days to recover from the pain. All the medical cases will be done by AI so the physician has more time and mental energy to perform a higher level of functions such as assessment in the clinical field and education to patients.

But now we are in the beginning stage of healthcare innovations, that may be unlocked by the advancement of AI technologies.

4. AI in weather prediction

Enormous, large datasets and high performing computing the ability of AI provides massive changes in predictive abilities. AI with the help of powerful high-performance computers (HPC)analyses the data about weather and climate forecasts more accurately.

This powerful combination of predictive innovation is coming together to provide pinpointed weather forecast and climate prediction for the next 100 years. This offers to warn people
from events such as tsunamis, tornadoes and other natural disasters to take their safety shelter

Can you give some of the applications of AI we use today?

  • SIRI ( designed to give direction, add events to the calendar and be able to
    understand natural language and request.)
  • COGITO (designed to apply for several million voice calls that are useful for customer
    interaction for phone professionals.)
  • ALEXA ( designed to deliver a speech from anywhere in the room that would help us
    in finding the web for any information, scheduling appointments etc.


The answer to this question may vary, but the probability of a good career in AI is high.

One of the fastest-growing fields in the tech sector is artificial intelligence. It is the developing technology that will create a larger number of new industries. The study of AI will provide a great job opportunities for the youths who have immense knowledge and Interest. This field of AI has a good career Outlook with a growing number of sub fields and with high pay. Those who have an intriguing passion for machine learning and deep desire will be a good ideal in the field of AI.

As the advancement of AI is evolving and increasing steadily, there is no possibility to estimate or predict the future of AI. But surely that will benefit human lives in the future.


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