Daily News Bits-28.08.2021(From today Home Minister Amit Shah on three-day visit to Gujarat)

Daily News Bits-28.08.2021

Daily News


  • Until September 7,the Philippines extended the Covid lockdown in the capital region, other provinces.
  • On covid 19 ,the US intelligence community divided.
  • Official says that the Pentagon holds talks with the Chinese military for the first time under Biden.
  • US reports says that the List of animals affected by Covid-19 expands, first case in a deer
  • Leave immediately’ says Americans to avoid Kabul airport warned by the US embassy.
  • US President Biden says that the Critical information about Covid-19 origin ‘exists in China’.
  • COVID-19 spread through Unvaccinated US school teacher  to 16 – 26 people
  • Study says that the Delta variant of Covid-19 doubles hospital risk in comparison to Alpha.


  • Due to post-Covid complications Rajasthan Chief Minister  Ashok Gehlot reveals cardiac trouble.
  • Centre said to Maharashtra to Impose COVID lockdown and also, avoid festival gatherings.
  • World Health Organization (WHO) chief scientist Dr Soumya Swaminathan congratulated India for its milestone of administering 1 crore COVID-19 vaccine doses in a single day.
  • In last ,24 hours  India registers 46,759 new COVID-19 cases in 24 hours, 4.7% rise since yesterday.
  • As the Five states account for 70% of India’s COVID-19 caseload, Centre proposes strategy to curb rise union health ministry data revealed.
  • Due to COVID-19 in Bihar’s Gaya Mahabodhi Temple reopens for general public after 5 months 
  • India administers 1 cr COVID jabs in single day, Union Ministers laud PM Modi, healthcare workers
  • From today Home Minister Amit Shah on three-day visit to Gujarat.


  • Samsung Galaxy A21 Simple launched With Exynos 7884B SoC, Single Rear Camera.
  • For IPO Amazon-Backed Electric Vehicle Maker Rivian Files.
  • Apple announced that it will repair iPhone 12 models that have audio problems
  • On iPhone YouTube Premium users can now use picture-in-picture mode.
  • Report says that the JioPhone Next will be up for pre-order in India starting next week.
  • As the cost of chip production I’d said to increase so Apple may charge more for iPhone 13.


Daily News

  • In next 15-18 months Byju’s eying an IPO.
  • With first crypto ATM Bitcoin fever reaches Honduras.
  •  US intelligence community report    COVID-19 ‘not developed’ as biological weapon.


  •  India’s first Quantum Computer Simulator toolkit developed by IIT Roorkee, IISc Bangalore, C-DAC
  • From August 31,Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti to reopen schools for Classes 9 to 12.
  • From September 11 IIT-JEE Advanced 2021 registration begins.
  • UNICEF says that the First day at school delayed for 140 million children globally.
  • Two-teacher model even as schools gradually reopen introduced by Byju’s.
  • From September 1 Tamil Nadu allows college and university classes to resume.


  • Body language is way by which humans (and some other animals) convey information through conscious or subconscious body movements or facial expressions
  •  Body language is also known as kinesics.
  • Three major uses are seen in Body language:
  •  1) as a conscious replacement for speech, 2) to reinforce speech, and 3) as a mirror or betrayer of mood.
  • A normal, relaxed blinking rate is 6–8 blinks per minute, and the eyes are closed for about 1/10th of a second. People under pressure as when they are lying they are likely to dramatically increase their blinking rate.
  • Americans usually stand 18–48 inches away from each other,it’s the size of their “personal bubble.” But also Japanese, have a personal bubble, or intimate zone, of 10 inches. And it’s observed that the  people from rural areas tend to have larger personal bubbles than those that live in a city.


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