How to develop a Growth Mindset in 2021 ? (Personal Experiences and Infographics ).

How to Develop a Growth Mindset? (Personal Experiences and Infographics )

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Let’s consider you are growing a tree and that is growing for 20 years and it seems a big tree but after that, it can be grown large but without proper care, it felt down and after that, there is no use for no one including it own stems and leaves. As like the same if you are at the age of 19 to 30, you feel at some point in your life that you’ve learned all in your life. But BIG NO, because life never stops teaching. In this article, you’ll learn everything about your mindsets( growth mindset and fixed mindset)

Growth mindset vs fixed mindset.

growth mindset, infographics explaining growth mindset vs fixed mindset
A growth mindset is the only way to develop yourself. So do have this and try to come out from a Fixed mindset. A growth mindset explores new opportunities while a fixed mindset limits that.

Growth mindset books

There are few books which we’ve glanced and read, which will give more insights and knowledge about mindsets. Let’s see some of those, we’ve listed the top 5 books which will also inspire you to do something more than others.
  1. Screw it, let’s do it.
  2. The American Millionaires have spoken.
  3. The science of getting rich.
  4. The Richest Man in Babylon.
  5. Delivering happiness.

Personal Experiences – Growth Mindset

You may feel sometimes that you have a growth mindset. I do have in my life and I’m happy to share my experiences about having a growth mindset. I think it was Sunday evening when I’m planning to go to my native place which was in South India, named Udumalpet. I’m waiting for someone to pick me up but my goodness I’ve seen him who was the old relative of my family. I went with him for about 15 kilometers.
And I had great ideas every 1 kilometer, he used to share his own experiences with me from lockdown impacts, world population, sustainable life to 25 years ahead of the future world. That Travel is just like the world-class teacher is teaching me when traveling against the nature of air. I have got a lot of ideas which my mind never used to think those before. At that time felt because of the growth mindset I had all such great experiences with him. If I’ve missed having a growth mindset, I ended up without listening to his words. So to have a growth mindset in your life will grow you anytime even all time.
I’m also happy to share that his experiences will be published as an article in few months, so don’t worry and stay connected with us by leaving comments or sign up for our newsletter. I’m sure that it’ll be a great analysis of the world that we are living in without knowing what is happening.

Growth Mindset activities to try. 

Here we have listed 3 activities that will help you to explore more about yourself and your mind. We’re very happy because you’ve read it till now and these activities will enhance your life.

1. Explore yourself.

We’re not sure whether we know ourselves fully or not but to develop our life and knowledge, we should dive deep inside to know ourselves. So self-exploration is the best way. You can simply note the things which you are doing every day. Know more about yourself by seeing actions and reactions which you’ll do when facing a situation.

2. Try the 30-day challenge.

It is a very useful activity to give a try. Take a subject or things to do for 30 days. It is a great way to form or establish a new habit as part of your commitment to a growth mindset.

3. Ask a lot of questions.

No worry, don’t fear asking questions to your teachers. If you have a question, you can ask even google it’ll find the answer for you. But you should be curious about knowing a lot of things and asking a lot of questions. It’ll explore more and more which I can’t express in words. Give it a try.

Characteristics of growth mindset persons.

  • Giving full effort to achieve great heights in a work.
  • Seek for new challenges to explore more about the world & precious knowledge.
  • They use mistakes to learn.
  • Using all feedbacks to use and develop his/her own self.

Growth mindset research.

Dr.Dweck’s research into growth mindset changed the evaluation of education forever….another notable research on growth mindset is the evaluation of success based on mindset. The existence of talent and pinpoint execution can be apprehended based on intelligence. but only those who are on the positive side of their mind can succeed.
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