Facebook Ads the best kept 6 secrets of Earning money


Facebook Ads

Hello, now I am going to share with you the ways on how you can make money using Facebook Ads. The only way to make money using Facebook is to become a producer, not a consumer.



  • Now if you know people like Nashville, e-prints EA, and all the people who have a huge following and produce content every single day they make a lot of money through In-Stream Ads.
  • If you see an ad and then in that ad in the middle of the ad at the beginning of that ad there’s a video that comes up like how youtube comes up like the skipped video the same thing in Facebook.
  • If you see that video you notice that there will be ads in the middle and the beginning right that is called In-Stream Ads.
  • Now when they produce content on social media the advertisers base Facebook and Facebook now gives a portion of what they receive to the producer of the content.
  • That’s how they make money now it will consume a brand new video topic about in-stream ads.
  • Each video should have a minimum of at least 3 minutes.
  • Three minutes is like the rule of Facebook to include ad breaks or in-stream ads in your videos.
  • You can refer here to know about in-stream ads


  • This is the place where most celebrities make money.
  • They promote a product, they promote a company, and become a brand ambassador of the particular company.
  • The problem of brand ambassadors is first you should build a huge following.
  • Then you should be famous so that you will be a brand ambassador of the proper service for the company.
  • If nobody knows you and also if you are not famous or not a celebrity then you should produce content every day.
  • Because if you are not producing content everyday people will follow you and people won’t be watching your videos.


Facebook Ads

  • Imagine you are investing a little amount of money in advertising and potentially you may earn more than your investment or even more.
  • Knowing that ratio will most likely go all on spending money on Ads and expecting more in return that is Facebook Ads.
  • It’s a way for you to legally print money online.
  • However, without the right strategies, you can also lose money.
  • That’s why I’m going to give you some powerful strategies to make money through Facebook Ads.



  • I say Facebook advertising is targeting. We need to show our offer to the right people.
  • We don’t just blindly click the boost post button and expect the right people will see our offer and buy. We need to Target them.
  • The good thing about Facebook ads I’d that you can set them up in a way you can target the demographics of your market.
  • For example, If you are offering a business opportunity and you 
  • Want to Target people who are aged 23 to 45 who are men only.
  • You are marketing your ideal audience and target them using Facebook ads.
  • So in Facebook Ads, the most essential one is  targeting


  • Most marketers who Facebook ads and then send their prospects directly to their checkout page or sales page.
  • A big mistake is only a small percentage of prospects are ready buyers and a lot will still need exposure to your offer before they buy.
  • Usually, it takes 7-12 follow-ups before they make a buying decision and if you are sending your prospects directly to your checkout page you are just burning money through Facebook ads.
  • The solution is to capture the contact details first and make a copy of the contact details or email address.
  • So you can continue to communicate with them and follow up on them without spending money on ads by capturing the contact details.
  • You can continue to provide value to your prospects, build trust, give out tips then, later on, send them to your offer.
  • Because when you remain in constant communication your prospects will trust you.


  • Even in Facebook ads, there are advanced strategies called retargeting tools and audience customization.
  • Remarketing means some people check out and are interested in your offer but did not push through buying from you.
  • Through Facebook Ads retargeting you can show your offer only to those people who showed interest and probably this time they will push through their purchase with this retargeting tool.
  • You have optimized conversion because you are now showing your ads only to those who are already interested and not a close market who hasn’t seen your offer.
  • Another conversion optimization method is called Audience customization.
  • In Facebook ads, you can create a custom audience.
  • For example, you can upload your buyer’s list or customers’ list to the Facebook database next you create a lookalike audience.
  • Where Lookalike Audience means Facebook will look for people who will have the same demographics interest in short.
  • Audiences that look alike for existing customers by doing so, you no longer have to create your targeting.
  • Facebook will do the targeting for a long time based on the data you have given and you can make a ton of money using Facebook Ads.

I have given you enough ways and strategies to earn money in Facebook Ads. you can earn tons and tons of money even now if u get started.

Thank you for reading.

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