Getting Passport in India and Passport Verification ( Guidelines in 2022 )

Are you looking to get a Passport in 2022, the process of getting a Passport is easier now than before? And, in this article, you will know all the details about Getting the Passport and Passport Verification Process.

Why do I need to have a Passport?

A passport is your identity when you are going to make travel outside of India and sometimes it will act as an address and Identity Proof. And, if you got a job recently then the Company may require you to have a Passport. There can be other reasons but mostly for Job and outside travel to India are the main Reasons to get the Passport.

The first step in getting a Passport is applying for the Passport

You can apply through the government’s Passport Official Website and don’t go to any other websites claiming to get the Passport for you.

Once you entered the website, this will be the Interface of Covid-19 Advisory, make sure to read this if you have time, one thing they have clearly Mentioned is to Follow all the guidelines against Covid-19 in Respective passport Offices when you are visiting.

General Advisory About Covid-19 on Passport Seva Website

If you are a new user, then you have to register on the Passport Seva Website

passport application
Passport seva homepage

Once you clicked new user registration, then you will be asked to enter the basic details. Make sure that you are adding the Correct name, Date of Birth, and Place

New User Registration Page – Passport seva Website

Enter all the details and Click on Register, and you will receive registered messages in your mail or to your Phone number.

Then, log in as an EXISTING USER with your username and Password.

Once, you have logged in, this will be the Interface

Logged IN Interface – Passport Seva

On this page, you have to Click Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport.

Once you have clicked, then you will be asked to go with two alternatives ( Upload Application form Online or Apply online)

It will be easy if you go with the Online Application form.

Once you are ready to Go with the online application, click on Online Application, and then you will ask for all the details for your new Passport

Details you have to enter

These are the details you have to enter for your Passport. For the best, keep your Aadhar in hand while filling in the address details and make sure that no spelling errors on name and Place. It is important to enter the DATE OF BIRTH mentioned in your 10th Marksheet. Once you have entered all the details you can submit the form and then you can Pay.

For Normal Passport, it will cost you Rs1,500 but if you need a Tatkaal Passport, it will cost you Rs2,000.

Based on your need, you can choose the Passport type.

Important things to Check on Online Application for a new Passport

  • You can pay using Cards, UPI, or through net banking, so make sure that your payment networks are available to make a payment.
  • Your Present Residential Address details should be the same on the document you have. For Example, if you are giving an Address in Aadhar, then you should carry the Aadhar while verifying.
  • In Emergency Contact, you can add anyone but make sure that they are available for contacting you in Emergency.
  • Make sure that you are having the 10th Mark Sheet with you for Personal Verification. If you don’t have one, then request your school to give a certificate for the same.
  • While selecting a Police station for Police Verification, make sure that you are selecting the police station nearby you.
  • Once you have entered all the details correctly, then you can Pay and book the appointment for Passport Verification.

Passport Appointment Booking

While booking for Passport verification, make sure that you are selecting the date which is available and that you are available to visit and Verify the details. Once the date is booked, it can’t be changed and if you want to change it again then you have to pay for the passport amount again, then only you will be asked for verification.

Once you got your day for Passport Verification, be prepared with the required documents to be verified.

  • Aadhar Card or E-Aadhar with Valid Signature. If you are downloading e-Aadhar, then it should have a valid signature. Here’s the Article, that explains how to validate a digital Signature in Aadhar, if you are having Physical Card, then you are good to go.
  • Any other documents which have your Address you’ve given while filling Passport Application.
  • 10th Marksheet is very important, you should carry the original 10th mark sheet for Passport Verification.

Things to do on Passport Verification day

  • If your Reporting time is 1 pm, then make sure that you are there before 30 Minutes, because unexpected traffic may cause delays. If you are traveling by bus or Public Transport, then you should be very early and should have very concerned about traffic or any other urgent changes.
  • If possible, you can book Rapido – Bike taxi or Auto Taxi at an affordable cost, if you think you will be late.
  • When entering the Passport office, you have to show the SMS details of your appointment.
  • Then, you will be asked for your photocopies of Original Documents, once you provided them, you will be given a TOKEN NUMBER which will be displayed on the TV Screen in the waiting Area.
  • Once your token number is displayed, you will also see the respective counter you have to Visit. Mostly there will be 3 Counters A, B, and C.
  • Once you complete Counter A, you will be moved to B and then C. Make sure to watch the TV Screen for your token Number and their respective Counter. In all the Counters, your details will be checked by passport Officials.
  • Counter C will be the granting Counter for your passport, your passport will be granted in Counter C. Once you are over with Counter C, then, make yourself feel happy, YES, your passport application is Granted and moved to Police Verification.

Police Verification

Once your details are verified in the Passport office, your application will be moved to Police Verification. You will be verified by your nearby police officials about your address and any criminal logs on you. If you are verified, then you are good to go and you will receive your passport in a few days.

Timelines for verification and getting the passport

Date to Visit after completing the ApplicationMostly within 10 days
Police verification after Visiting the PSKWithin 14 days
You will get a passport mostlywithin 14 days


Once you got your passport, you will be more proud of yourself and of the nation. Fly like a bird to another country and learn a lot and serve a lot. Thanks for referring to this Article, share this with your friends, who may have doubts about getting Passport.

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