Google’s 23rd Birthday, great Google now 23 years old.

Google’s 23rd Birthday, Here is a note from the lover of Google.

I don’t know, how I’m happy now by celebrating Google’s birthday. But I’m sure this article will be my gift for Google and googlers and also lovers of Google.
Google is 3 years ahead of me and yes, Google is always ahead of us. We all know how we’re using Google in our everyday life. We don’t know what Hidden changes Google has done around the world but we know how Google has changed ourselves. This is a world of Google and everything in our everyday life is pinned with Google.
We all Have to thank Sergey Brin and Larry Page at this moment for giving the way to Google. And I’m immense happy CEO of Sundar Pichai, who was born in the sand of India.
Googlers have great knowledge and because of them, Google is going steadily without any distraction. Yes, sometimes hardships may come but Google has its way to resolve them.
Google has 50+ products in this world and offering great services to the people freely and at a low cost. I can write this article for more than 10k about Google but as a reader, you may not have time to read. So as a whole I’ve been trying to write and conclude with a few below lines.
We can learn from Google search but we Can learn from Google itself. Here are the things which I’ve learned from Google.
  1.  Google only gives relevant information to the people as the same we also have to give the information which people are asking in their life. We should not waste people’s time by saying unrelated things.
  2.  Google offers a lot of opportunities to people. If possible we also have to offer as many good things to people.
  3. If you know no one is going to stop working in Google. So give more importance to knowledge than doing discrimination against people.
If you have any good things that you’ve learned from Google, please share them in the comments. We’ll reach out to you and you may get Amazon gift card. 

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Arun Kumar S
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