Happiness is a positive mindset.

Do you know that we are living our life fully with the choice of happiness? But many people fail to get this thought; Happiness is a positive mindset. If I ask, How are you? You’ll tell, something which is acceptable, but if I ask, Are you happy always? Your mind starts thinking and does not find the correct answer. But if you knew; Happiness is a positive mindset, then you are the one who’ll fall into unpleasant things rarely.

Have you ever asked this question to yourself? How to gain that positive mindset? Simple, just focus on things that are positive and things that don’t give you negative impacts on your mind. Whenever you feel happy, you must have to identify the source of happiness; which is giving happiness to me.

Positive mindset and happiness.

If you see the people who are happy most of the times because they are in a positive mindset. A positive mindset is a need to be happy. If you want to be happy then you should have a positive mindset.

As we said, Happiness is a positive mindset. But if you fail to find that positivity or fail to get a positive mindset then you’ll not be in a happy state. So here are things which you can get positivity for being happy.

Happiness by being a positive finder.

A lot of people fail to see good things around them, they just focus on the things which are not necessary and unuseful to them. But if you see positive things around yourself then you’ll experience the joy of happiness. Instead of seeing trees without leaves, you can see that tree have roots under the soil. Instead of seeing failed papers you can focus on good scored papers and see unfiled papers.

Happiness by social interaction and being with positive people.

Surrounded by positive people will give an enormous amount of positivity which will give happiness. So be with positive people. And in this rapid-paced world, many people are thinking; social interaction is only on Facebook or Twitter. No, Social interaction is something; some people come together and introducing themselves and being in eye contact and closed all digital items and spending time with real people. Real people have real emotions which will give real happiness.

Happiness by positive self-talk.

Standing in front of the mirror and speak ill about you will not give you happiness. Whenever you be in front of the mirror just smile and say some positive words to yourself. it will have a greater impact on how you are seeing your happiness level. a.As I said never focus on negative things, if you have some negative feelings just avoid and say some positive things(positive self-talk) about yourself in front of the mirror.

Happiness by choosing positive social media.

We have the habit of watching the news while eating or with our parents under scrolling social media seeing news feeds and our mobile apps. Do you think that watching the news on television or seeing news feeds will give you knowledge? Absolutely no. It’ll not. But rather giving happiness it’ll give the unpleasant feeling. So choose media wisely and never overuse any media or digital things because those will create artificial happiness first and real sadness later.

Happiness by positive books.

Read positive, learn positive, be positive and become positive.

Many people who start reading books in their life start with adventures, drama or tragedy. Those are easy to read but they will not give everlasting happiness and positivity. So choose books which will your positivity and happiness. I’m not saying that you should not read those, I’m just saying choose positivity giving books even in that genre.

Happiness by the positive journal.

If you are a person who does not journal every day, please start journaling because it will give you the sense of things which is happening in your life every day. and while writing the things just focus on positive things which is happened to you and if you attempt any negative things just leave it and never write that. Surely positive journal will you the sense of life you are living.

These are things that you can do to improve happiness by improving positivity around you. Now, we are going to see the things which can lead you to be unhappy even you have a positive mindset.

A positive mindset is a key to happiness but as the same, you shouldn’t avoid these things and feeling to revoke from unhappiness.

Ignoring your body.

Many people fail to take care of their body while chasing their life. The body is a vital one to live happily. If you don’t have the strength to smile then what is the role of happiness there? So we all must take care of our body. Even a little wound in our body will reduce our immunity and can cause disease. So to be happy take care of your health and your body.

Working for perfection.

Nothing in this world is perfect. All we have an imperfection in our life. Working for perfection is like giving a signal to your mind; you should not be happy. How can we get happiness by being perfect? Is there is any perfect smile? Is there any perfect day? Is there any perfect life? No. So never focus on perfection. Just let it be. And as the same never forgot, the sun never rises on perfect time every day.

Chasing dreams and goals.

Dreams and goals are good but chasing without enjoying little things in our life are not quite good, having a burning desire to achieve a dream and goals are good but we should extend our timeline to achieve those dreams and goals. For instance, if you want to become a millionaire you should work hard and learn more and must have good health. But if you are working only on a millionaire mindset then you’ll lose your natural mindset which reminds you to eat and sleep. So don’t worry, extend your time for your goals and enjoy the journey.

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Arun Kumar S
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