What would happen if internet shut down for 24 hours?


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Internet shut down for 24 hours or a day in 2021 is almost unimaginable and seems impossible. But imagine, what would happen if there was an internet shut down for a day? Can you imagine what would happen that day? Certainly, the unimaginable one. If it happens, several people would be affected and we all could face a hard time for the whole 24 hours. Not that much effects but it would be pretty devastating if the internet goes down.

Internet helps the people to improve the quality of their life. Wide knowledge in all the fields can be gained through internet without directly going to school or colleges. Enormous opportunities are at the door step of the internet that uplift the people in all forms of their life.


1. Search engines like Google, YouTube and many others provide the results for what we want from them.

2. Those days it would take some more days to receive the letter from the known persons. But today, e-mail helps to send the letter or mail in just few minutes.

3. Internet helps to make money through online. It makes us simple to earn money at any place and at any time. Online trading is now very trending one in the fields of making money online.

4. Main advantage of the internet is that helps to find and buy products that is required for a house even without visiting to store.

5. Online bills payment and money transactions is available through internet which enables us to pay bills and transfer money without directly visiting to the bank.


Every one of us is connected to the internet at some point in our life. We are at the stage where we cannot live without the internet. Everything we need can be accessed through the internet. Now I have a question for you. How many hours do you use the internet on mobile phones or your PC’s ? 1 hour? 2 hours? Half-day? or a whole day? Your answer may vary but the point is we need the internet.

What consequences do you think that we face if the internet shuts down for 24 hours? Certainly, the fields that use the internet as a core will get impacted very much as on all businesses and the economy.


#1. People will try to turn on and turn off, restarting the device etc for the connection for the first 10 to 20 mins of shut down.

#2. Service providers would get more complaints from the users and much more.

#3. People will miss Whatsapp, Facebook, hike, Twitter and all.

#4. Online games will get stopped and people will start switching to offline games.


Do you think the internet has connected the entire world?

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Of course yes… The Internet is something that has united the entire world and era in which it is being a very inevitable resource in all forms of life. Internet helps people to connect to others in this pandemic situation. It helps to know all the information and news regarding the situation. Even though we are at home , everything  that happens around the world can known very easily.


Internet has changed the way of communicating to people in many ways. Internet provide us to communicate face to face through video conferencing. Meetings are done through online and online discussion forums helps for the communication in the field of education and others. Human feelings have been bonded to the deepest by social media in our lives. The majority of the population is now connected only with the help of social media. So we won’t be able to call or communicate with other people. Cell phone providers will lose up to a billion dollars in 24 hours.


#1.Every giant business company will collapse like Google, Amazon. They will lose their entire earning of the day due to the inability of the world to communicate.


#2. Millions of investors lose millions of dollars and every other investor will get back the money from their respective shares or investments.


#3. A great loss to the bank would be caused and thus every government will be in an economic crisis.


Effect of internet has impacted not only in other fields, but also in the field of health care. Technology combined with internet provides a good patient experience and better treatment. Now,  people get medical advice through online directly with the physician. But online health care facilities will get affected during the downtime. They will have difficulties at fixing appointments at their convenience so that patients call continuously interrupting the plans and care, where there would be too many preoccupied patients which will make it difficult for the service providers(doctors) to call the patients back.


And finally, you will miss and cannot access LEARN IMMENSE for the whole day.



Apart from all the worldly crises, as a single person at home, you can adapt to the situation. Do you think you can spend your whole day without the internet? Your answers may be yes or no, but in those days people lived without the internet. Now, what do you think about them? Then why can’t you? It is up to you.

You can,

Read a good book.

Go out and meet our close friends.

Watch a good movie.

Try to practice or develop new skills and get well-versed in them.

Do exercise and keep the body fit.

Thank you for reading.

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