Top 4 learning methods ( find your learning method ) and speed up your learning

Top 4 learning methods ( find your learning method ).

learning method

You know that you’ve studied some subjects or some articles like this or stuff in your school / colleges. But, have you noticed what type of learning method you used to study ? Are you curious about it ? Travel with me for 5 minutes, you’ll get a clear understanding of what the learning methods fit you. There are some methods which are only known by you, make sure that you’ll teach them with your fellows addition with the below methods.

In 1992, VARK modalities theory was developed by Fleming and Mills. This theory was developed nearly 29 years ago but still now many are not aware of this. But at the same time, many have developed their learning style and further it helped them to learn anything easily. You’re also going to know about them.

VARK stands for Visual, Auditory, Reading/writing, Kinesthetic method. All this method does not fit for all, but I’m sure that you belong to one of these methods.

By knowing these methods one can develop more insights about what they are learning, how they are learning and what they are learning by what method.

Teachers can use these methods to find the best fit students of a method and can use them to teach in those methods. It’ll help students to learn effectively and teachers to better understand their students.

Students ( I also mean lifelong learners) can use these methods to analyse and implement more strategies to learn anything effectively as well as easily. And, readers like you explore more about these methods and try to add them in your bucket of learning methods.

Visual learning Method.

Visual learning method

Visual learning method Is learning or taking information visually. It can be from graphs, charts, diagrams, infographics, posters, maps, pictures and more. Some people are used to learning by this method like in the present technology world, many prefer to learn from infographics. We know that you need infographics to grasp these methods, so here’s the infographic for you…

infographics about learning method
Learning Method – Infographics

As you learn things(Visually) from infographics, many people learn things from graphs, charts and many more.

The best way to give or present information to visual learners is by preparing visual documents like preparing a chart or graph or infographic.

And, while learning from visual material, the information presented on those is quite important and as the same we have to broaden our mind to other things which are not on that as well to know more about anything.

Auditory learning method.
auditory learning method

Auditory learning method is learning, when any information is subjected to sound. Like hearing information or when speaking. Auditory learners will not prefer to refer to written notes because if something is heard, they can understand the information better.

For instance, verbal communication like speaking is harder than non verbal communication both for delivering and receiving the message.

I personally used auditory learning as I’m doing any physical work, I switch podcasts and listen to great mentors’ speeches. This habit makes me not move my legs more to any other learning.

The best way to present or give information to this type of learners is by making them listen mindfully and listen to a number of great speeches and lessons.

This learning method requires a lot of attention and focus. So considering focus is very important here.

Reading / writing learning method.

reading/writing learning method

As most people in the world follow this method to learn anything. Yes, it is helpful for a few people and not for all. Reading louder makes information stored in mind easier for someone and not for someone. If a person writes information it’ll be easily remembered by him or if information is read it’ll be easily remembered.

All have practiced this method in our life. There are still institutions which follow this method and can create brighter students.

Kinesthetic learning method.

experimental learning method

Kinesthetic learning method is learning by experiencing things in real life. This is a very important learning method which can have a greater impact on learners. Learners who go with this method can experience the things which are in books or in podcasts or in sound form.

For instance, a sports player is learning just by playing rather than learning from a book.

The best way to learn or present information is by making students get the real experience of what they are learning by activities, assignments, tasks, routines and many more.

You may fall into different methods, but you don’t know about what method may give you extra benefits, so just try them all and take a one which fits for you. And, make sure to leave your favourite method or your any other personal method.


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