How to balance memory in great way and impacts of lockdown on our memory.

Memory, Covid and memory loss

Memory in simple terms is a ‘place‘. In that place, we can store any information we want. Consider your home or palace as your memory. We love to add more things in that place, so we can add, we hate to add more things, so we remove or modify the things as we want.

In another perspective, memory can be called as remembrance. Here, how efficiently you are putting your work to store information or things matters most. As much as efficient you are, you can store new information. Here, good memory as a sign of how you were efficient in storing information. You would have used good techniques to store that information. But as the opposite, bad memory is just the result of the bad techniques used, which you were used to collecting information.

Good memory is what you love and bad memory is what you hate.

Impacts of lockdown on our memory.

Here we took few types of memory and we are going to look at lockdown impacts on each one of that memory.

1. Incidental memory.

As the name denotes, it is the collection of memory just by the incidents that happened normally. Consider you are seeing several buildings while you travelling. You are storing the information in your memory while the incident is happening. Before lockdown, we were in a normal state as there is no change in our memory. Even after lockdown, many people don’t see any changes in vivid memory. But you felt changes in their memory because a large number of incidents are not happening because the world was in lockdown. As I said only a few may have felt this memory change in their memory state.

2. Intentional memory.

It is the collection of memory that we have a strong intention to store that memory. For instance, facts formulas are many mobile numbers… Most people may have felt a change in this type of memory. Because before lockdown there is a compulsion to store all these for school exams or University exams or government exams. But because of this Covid and lockdown, there are no exams and even there is no compulsion to memorize. So many people felt the loss of memory at this type. We can rectify this once the situation is solved are you can feel: you are in a competition to store this information and start learning.

3. Vivid memory.

It is just the same as the intentional memory, but here we try to store things on our memory very accurately or we can call this photographic memory. Here many people forgot things that they have stored in their vivid memory. Because before lockdown most people try to recall or try to add new ideas or techniques to store this information. But in this lockdown, as I said in internal memory there is no compulsion. So forgetting things is normal. we can rectify this by being the state of a person which we were as a one before a lockdown.

4. Observational memory

Here the things or information which we see, feel experience or sense are stored in our observational memory. Here, many people felt good in this type of memory. Because even in lockdown many people have experienced a lot of new struggles or setbacks in their life. So I think there is no change of state in observational memory.

5. Rote memory.

It is the collection of memory in which we are remembering specific or important characters, letters or words. Here, also many people may have felt forgetting the characters or letters or words which they were tried to remember before lockdown. But there is no necessary to recall those things in Covid lockdown, so people may felt a change in this.

Covid and memory loss.

Many people have searched that time ‘covid and memory loss’ in many areas. Here is the truth, there is nothing called ‘memory loss.’ as I said in the beginning memory is a ‘place’. If you love to add you can add, if not, you can remove it.

Here, memory is directly related to our conscious mind. If you are confused about one thing and if you want to inculcate things in your memory it is easy. Because it is done storing on your memory while you are conscious.

If you do things with your fully conscious, it is easy to remember or store in your memory.

For instance, consider you are watching TV and there is an incoming call from your mom. You are attending the call and at the same, you are watching TV. After a while, you have forgotten the things which your mom told you. This is because you are not conscious of only one thing. So hereafter be conscious of one thing and have a good memory. 

Balance memory in a great way.

  • Avoid using gadgets at night time. Because of the light from your mobile, which confuses your sleep harmone melatonin.. So it affects your sleep and it’ll have a direct impact on your memory.
  • Make good food habits. Good foods such as green vegetables are essential for your brain which have also a direct impact on your memory.
  • Be active, don’t be lazy. Even if you are at home because of lockdown, try to do easy exercises. 
  • Don’t store and search for excess information.
  • Be conscious of one thing at a time, avoid multiple works at a time.
  • Use your senses to observe things that are happening around you.

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Thank you for reading.

Arun Kumar S
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