Mediavine - Ad network approval process and Requirements

Mediavine Approval Process and Requirements (Try Best Ad Network 2023) for Publishers

Mediavine - Ad network approval process and Requirements
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As a blogger or publisher, monetizing your website is very essential and that may probably be
your biggest goal. If you have decided to make money for what you love, you need to
concentrate on placing ads on your website.

Besides this desire, choosing the best ad network can be quite confusing and tricky.
In this article we are going to dig deeper into an ad platform or network (Mediavine) that will help
you to know more about its features and mainly you will get ideas on how to get approved on

Overview of Mediavine

Mediavine was founded in 2004 and has other websites that includes The Hollywood Gossip,
Food Fanatic. Mediavine is one of the well known ad display networks for those who own blogs
in such a way to earn passive income by placing ad units on their websites.

Mediavine helps in monetizing your blog and it provides its service as an ads management
partner. This is one of the best performing ad networks commonly used by more bloggers that
gives the potential income by driving a good amount of traffic.

Mediavine is not only a management partner, but also provides more features for its users.
This ad network has built their own integrated social sharing plugin(Grow) that helps in adding
social sharing buttons to get an increased number of audience attraction.

Requirements for Mediavine Approval

Here are some of the requirements to keep in mind and achieved in order to get approved for the
Mediavine ad network.

Here are those requirements,

  1. The first requirement for this ad Network approval is to have 50,000 sessions per month that is
    around 60,000 pageviews in regard with Google analytics.
  2. The content in the blog should be able to coherent with the Google Adsense approval.
  3. Every blog success depends on only the user engagement to the blog. Likewise, the blog
    should engage the users with the contents in it for a long time.
  4. The blog must be the original content of the creator or blogger where it can be in any lifestyle
    publishing niche.
    Mediavine concentrates on sessions rather than page views as a metric as sessions help to
    indicate the value of your website traffic.

What to do and How to Start with Mediavine?

As like other Ad networks, Mediavine is also easy, not the complicated one. The process for
applying is easy and it takes a couple of weeks to go through the complete process.

Here is the link for applying on Mediavine

You will be requested to verify your Google Analytics once you submit your application. Then you
have to go through the process on Google AdExchange. You will get an approved email from
Medicine once it was verified by Mediavine. After you get approved, your favourite part as you
wished you will get ads running on your website and start earning money.
After this process, you have to focus on more traffic consistently for more earning.

CPM(cost per mille) in mediavine refers to impressions and that can be calculated by (money
spent / Impressions)*1000.
Example, $15 / 60,000 impressions * 1000 = $2.50 CPM.

The important point to remember here about Mediavine is that you will never have a cent percent
guarantee because your earnings are probably based on the traffic driven by your website. As
per Mediavine , you can earn upto $10 to $30 per 1000 pageviews. This earning depends on
traffic as publishers get rewarded with higher ad revenue when their specified sessions reach a
particular threshold.

You may have some difficulty in reaching more traffic in the beginning. Don’t worry, keep working
at it and surely you will be rewarded for your work in dollars later!!

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