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How to get Monumetric Ads Approval in 2023 (Try best Ad Network)

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One of the greatest challenges for small bloggers is to find a consistent ad partner for the blog they own. Sometimes this may be disastrous and after numerous attempts, you may be fed up with landing on the best ad network.

Probably here comes the best and flexible ad network named Monumetric specially available for small to mid-sized bloggers and publishers. And here the journey to your earning begins!!

Monumetric was founded in the year 2012, mainly focuses on helping the bloggers by supporting them with maximising revenue. Monumetric is a premium, self-service ad network partnered with a new blogger network in 2016 in the motive to help customers monetize the website traffic.

Four Ad Programs by Monumetric

The programs launched by Monumetric ad network helps in monetizing websites and paves way for the publishers for passive income. The programs are,
– Ascend
– Stratos
– Apollo

A blogger can join the appropriate program based on the number of pageviews they possess on their website.
The main advantage of Monumetric is that it employs two revenue models (PPC) Pay Per Click and (PPV) Pay Per View whereas other ad networks only focus on single revenue support.

Requirement for Monumetric Application

For applying in Monumetric, you only need to have at least 10,000 pageviews per month. When you attain 10k pageviews, you are eligible for the programs as mentioned above.
● To join the Propel Program, your website must possess 10k to 80k pageviews/ month.
● To join the Ascend Program, pageviews must be 80k to 500k/month.
● To join in the Stratos Program, your website should possess 500k to 10mm pageviews/month.
● To join in the Apollo Program, your website page views must be 10mm+/month.

  1. You have to pay a $99 setup fee in the initial place where you will join the Propel Program.
  2. You must have a blogger or wordpress website as a part of the requirement.
  3. Next, prior to the approval process, your website will be reviewed by ad providers of Monumetric. After reviewing your site, you can place ads on pages and display the ads. This takes around 3 to 6 weeks.
  4. Finally remember that your traffic must be from countries like the USA, UK, Canada.

How to Get Started with Monumetric?

When you have all these requirements, you can apply for Monumetric ads with the link here,
You can access the dashboard of Monumetric when you have paid $99 initial set up fee. This may be quite hard for you but this tests your ability to reach the initial(propel) program with high traffic.

Earning and Payment in Monumetric

You can earn upto $5 to $30 (RPM) with Monumetric. When you get started with the earning, this ad network pays your money 60 days after the end of the month. The customer support in Monumetric is excellent where you can be able to access the support at any time for all the 7 days.

Monumetric is a good alternative for the AdSense with 4 level program which helps you to boost up from one level to another and make your earning process higher!!

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