Post pandemic – We are moving to a new world – why does it matter ?

Post pandemic, post pandemic life

Post pandemic is nothing but the situation in which we were lived 2 years before.

Do you remember today’s date before 2 years, maybe in 2019? I hope all were done our essential things in our daily life. But as we see now, the world is collapsing with this monster virus, Covid-19.

But the situations are changing to a better one, because of vaccines, self-isolation, wearing masks and social distances. The situations are going to be good, but our lifestyle is going to be changed in few months or a few years.

So for that big change, we’ve to change our mind and thoughts which we’re holding now. We are going to see about post-pandemic life, post-pandemic work-life, misconceptions about post-pandemic life, major changes going to happen in the post-pandemic world, strategies to adapt for a new world, Pre-pandemic life and experiences.

Pre-pandemic world ( Before pandemic )

I hope we all have enjoyed our life a couple of years before. We went for vacations, party, schools, colleges, tuitions, learning institutions, coaching centres, offices for work, shops to buy things, functions and many more. We’ve enjoyed ourselves a lot. Even in this pandemic, people who want to be alone enjoyed a lot. Before the pandemic, we know that most of our learning was in schools, colleges and one to one direct conversations.

But after this pandemic emerged, you and I know that the world has changed a lot. The things which we’ve enjoyed before are not present fully now. As we all know, changes are changing, we should adapt ourselves for changes. Let’s see what are changes happened due to this pandemic.

Changes happened which will be more effective in the post-pandemic world.

  1. Our learning becomes easy and independent of locations.
  2. Our work-life balance becomes easy. Because of work from home and free from work tensions.
  3. Health becomes a top priority than anything, even than money.
  4. People’s mindset starts adopting for the changes which they never imagined.
  5. Self-confidence becomes a part of most people’s life.

These are the positive changes that have emerged. But we have to see another side of the coin;

  1. Learning becomes hard for people who do not afford money to buy e-gadgets.
  2. Poor becomes poor, their state of life get worsen. But at the same time, rich people are getting richer. We’ll see about this in a couple of minutes.
  3. Stress and depression hardly emerges for people who don’t have an adaptability mindset.
  4. Social relationship barriers emerged and it leads to some mental health issues.
  5. Economy and finance of country and every home affected respectively.

Both positive and negative things happened pandemic. But as of now, we’ve seen the changes happened. Now we’re going to look at or imagine the world after this pandemic.

Post pandemic life.

We all have a dream to see the post-pandemic world. Yes, of course, I too have that. But we can’t confirm how it will be. But we can predict how it is going to be. But by the insights and trends we’ve analysed, we come up with post-pandemic ideas, strategies to follow, transition going to happen and some more for you.

As I said in the beginning the world is going to be changed in few months or a few years. Artificial intelligence may rule this world. Or the countries which have almost all health accessories will rule the world. As of now, most countries are building their health infrastructures in a great manner. So I think the future of this beautiful world is going to be ruled by AI which is a part of the Internet. We can say, the Internet is going to rule this world. So the people who don’t know things which are happening on the internet should learn some necessary things and skills related to the world of the internet. 

New strategies one can follow for this post-pandemic world.

1. Transition from survival to thriving.

As of now, many people are thinking that they want to survive. But after this pandemic, the surviving mindset will become quite common for all. If you want to be unique, then you have to adopt a thriving mindset, which sets people to become more forward than others who are in surviving mindest.

2. New experiences may be continued.

We all know that most famous institutions in this world of knowledge and work allows their employees to work at home. Recent studies show that 5 in 1 employee-only wants to go for office after this pandemic. Many want this work from home life. So it may be continued, so adapt and enjoy work from home life.

3. Changes in society may or may not be continued.

As I am sad, the gap between poor and rich people get wider in this pandemic. But in post pandemic, this may change or may not. So if you see any poor people, please help them to eat food which we are wasting knowingly.

4. Fear-based mindset to adaptability mindset.

In other term, we can say this change is, change of fixed fear mindset to an adaptability mindset. We’ve covered this adaptability mindset here. Read that too, how an adaptability mindset is essential to lead a happy life.

5. Chaos to Calm.

Even in this chaos we know that our learning is easy, we can see our friends and family members virtually, we can earn money by working online and even from home, we can restore nature by using non-emitting products and things.

Our beautiful world has faced many challenges like this and come out as new. I hope this present world will also become pure, clean and hygiene in few days.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading! Share this post with your family it’ll help them to think about their new future life. 

5 models for post pandemic work model here.

Arun Kumar S
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