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Top 10 Productivity apps for College Students

Top 10 apps/productivity apps for college students…

 You often find yourself with the intention of studying but end up scrolling through Instagram or any other social media a few minutes later?

Here are some apps that will help you to follow through on what you intend to do, or even to cut off the distractions entirely.

productivity apps

1. Project Management App: Notion

 You can use it to take notes, track habits, and even manage tasks if you want.

For us, however, Notion works best as a project management tool.

We use it to manage everything from our SOPs to ideas for videos and articles. Thomas even uses it to manage his entire video creation workflow, allowing him to easily coordinate with his video editor.

What makes Notion so powerful is its ability to create templates for just about anything, ranging from simple checklists to massive projects with dozens of steps. And throughout the process, team members can easily see what’s going on.

2. ClickUp

 It’s an incredibly powerful tool that gives you plenty of levels of hierarchy for managing large projects or even entire companies.

You can also view projects in list, calendar, and kanban views (which are great for tracking projects with multiple stages). And for large projects, you can create subtasks, task dependencies, and assign multiple people to single tasks.

3. Google Calendar

 There are many calendar apps on the market, but Google Calendar is still the best. It’s free, works across devices, and works well for both individuals and teams. It lets you manage multiple calendars using color-coding, as well as set multiple reminders for events.

 4. Note-Taking App: Evernote

 Evernote has been around for a while, and it’s still our favorite app for taking notes. You can keep your notes organized using digital “notebooks,” and you can group these notebooks into “stacks” for further organization.

Evernote also works brilliantly across devices and automatically backs up your notes to the cloud. In addition to text notes, it lets you create notes with images, PDFs, and even audio recordings.

5. Forest

 This app helps us to be more focused with a creative approach to help you stay on your feet. Whenever you want to start a study session, you plant a tree in your in-app “forest”. As you work, the tree will begin to grow, but if you pick up your phone and leave the app, your tree dies! You can collect and add more trees to your forest the more you focus. The company even plants real trees in dozens of countries! It’s a win-win situation for you and the Earth

6. Motion

 As a university student, you’ll be using laptops A LOT, and if you’re using the internet to work and take notes, well – I hate to break it to you but distractions are plenty in your browser as well. Motion’s free plan will block distracting sites like Facebook and YouTube. You’ll also receive a metered report on how much of your time online is productive or distracted.

7. Trello

 Another of the best productivity apps available, Trello allows you to organize any projects you’re working on through boards, which you can then customize either solo or with others (making it ideal for delegating tasks for a group assignment). You can also have separate lists for tasks on your to-do list, tasks you’re doing now, and tasks you’ve completed.  Life hacker called Trello “an awesome project management tool that makes collaboration easy and, dare I say, even fun”. It’s free and available on Apple Watch as well as your phone

8. Todoist

 You can easily create nested lists of projects to organize all aspects of your life. Plus, Todoist makes adding tasks quick and simple; it only takes a few clicks.

The app also has excellent natural language processing, which lets you quickly assign due dates to tasks. For instance, you can type “Take out the trash every Friday,” and Todoist will automatically create a task called “Take out the trash” that repeats each Friday.

9. Distraction blocking app

If you keep on checking social media and find yourself checking Twitter five minutes into a revision session while studying you often get distracted, then you may want to download an app to block yourself from going on social media or any other distracting websites. For Google Chrome users, StayFocusd is a highly rated extension that lets you restrict the amount of time you can go on time-wasting websites. Or, for your phone, you could use AntiSocial, which lets you see how much you use your phone compared to others, and allows you to block apps you overuse.

10. SimpleMind+

 Last but not least in our list of useful apps for students, SimpleMind+ helps you to organize your thoughts by creating mind maps, which can be seamlessly synced to your Google Drive or Dropbox and shared with others at its best version. You can also enhance your mind maps with photographs, videos, and voice records, and easily customize the appearance and select different layouts which suit you.

We hope that these apps will help you…

Thank you for reading!!!!!



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