Propellerads approval Process

How to get PropellerAds Approval (Try best Ad Network in 2023)

As most of us know, AdSense is one of the most common and well known Ad Network we
heard of. There are some other alternative ad networks too.

Propellerads approval Process
Propellerads Homepage

Being a blogger is not easy and the biggest challenge is to find a trustworthy ad network.
Hunting a reliable ad network is not quite easy and in this article we are going to know more
about a quality ad network (Propeller Ads)

Propeller Ads is one of the popular and fastest growing ad networks among the publishers
which was founded in the year 2011.
This is a self-service platform integrated in working with
other verticals such as gaming, eCommerce, technology, entertainment and others.

Propeller Ads as an advertising network drives billions of online users per month. This ad
network helps the bloggers to monetize their website with highest CPM rates.

Requirements for Propellerads Approval

The main advantage is that there is no minimum traffic requirement. Propeller Ads review
and start monetizing the content even when the website has few visitors. This provides a
better option for the publishers and thus encourages them to work more on website traffic
with the reward of earning.

Even though this is a bonus point, the important thing to keep in mind is to have unique and
original content as other ad networks require.
When it comes to ads in Propeller Ads, there are different formats like,

  • Super profitable multi tag
  • Push notifications ads
  • Native direct ads
  • PopUnder
  • In-page Push
  • Interstitials ads
  • Direct Links

Get Started With Propeller Ads

Propeller ads process is very easy to get through as the signup process is very easy where
the new user or publisher can personal details and contact information and the website in
order to access the dashboard.

You can signup in propeller ads with the link here

Make sure that your blog doesn’t have any adult contents.


Propeller Ads is a CPM(Cost Per Mille) based ad network that will help you in making more
money with the help of your website traffic. This ad network provides high CPM rates so that
every impression on your website will be added in the earning credential that will boost your
earning in an increased amount. The average CPM rates for websites that drive traffic in
India is upto $0.5 to $5.

Propeller ads help the publisher whether he/she is a newbie in generating traffic.

As mentioned earlier, this provides many ad formats that will give you more impression and
traffic on your website.

You can get your payment when your threshold reaches only $5 where this helps the small
bloggers to withdraw their earnings at ease.

You can use PropellerAds with AdSense for more earnings.
Customer support for this ad network is good with 24/7 support team and live chat options.

Propeller ads gives a great earning for those who hunt for the best earning ad network and
this ad network can be used without any other options.

If you are confused about any other ad networks, then you may choose the best in 10 best Ad networks here

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