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RevenueHits is an Ad network platform where you can earn money using your website which is an online asset these days where you can earn from  $0.5 up to $60 E based on the Website traffic which impressions are up to 3 billion with 20 k Publishers and 5 k Advertisers.

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Revenuehits don’t have any required number of Page views for starting. You can earn from anywhere with a reliable number of Viewers and Traffic.

To get started with RevenueHits, Register with Revenue Hits here . To get registered you need the  following details to be included 

  1. Website of your Business

2. Category of Business 

3. Skype username 

To find your skype name, follow the instructions step by step:

  1. Tap your skype Profile Picture 

2. Select skype Profile where you can find the skype name.

If you don’t have a skype name, Follow the instructions to create a new skype account, by visiting

Once you register your website in RevenueHits, you will have to start with the implementing tag where you have to choose your device like Desktop or Mobile where you have to play your ads. Copy the Implement or Tag code to paste it into the backend of your website.

Soon after that, you can start with Tracking the analytics of your website where you can get paid for the ads after reaching the minimum amount through Paypal, Payoneer, and Wire Transfer.

CPM and CPC:

CPM stands for Cost Per Mile and Cost Per Click in the ads market where CPM is paid once 1000 visitors watch your advertisement and CPC is paid where the visitor clicks the bids in your advertisement. Usually, CPM and CPC rates are originally bf ads based on the traffic of your website but  Revenue hits can also bring the best CPM rates from $ 0.50 to $ 30 CPM to a minimum and up to a maximum of $ 60 CPM.

Revenue hits are also allowing CPA which is Cost Per Acquisition where you can earn based on commission. The recent record has proved a minimum earning of $809.78 to $14910 with an organic.

Revenuehits Support:


You can use the Payment Confirmation Process for all Payment related services like How much is to be paid, When to be paid, How to be paid, Kinds of payment methods, what is the earnings from ads, When to withdraw, and How much is the charges to be paid, Taxes to be detected, Payment Terms and Policies, Exact amount payable or to be paid by Revenue hits.


Revenue services provide a wide variety of support relating to What is the reason for the low e CPM levels, Providing suggestions to improve revenue by increasing the impressions on posts on your page,


Technical and troubleshooting services regarding account settings, Passwords, activation on payment and revenue heads, ads-related settings on the deletion of ads, and ad block solution.


General Information settings prescribe the way to monetize your new hybrid pop and banners in Revenue hits, referral, and review-related settings, showing ads on multiple websites, showing multiple ads on the web pages.


Business and Account Management settings allow you to solve account-related queries, Dos and Don’t Account approval, and promotion-related services with technical expertise allocation.


Revenue hits also offer integration with other ad networks by its Partner program with Propellor Ads, Leadwave Technologies inc, Clickadu, and Linx Shrinx by providing additional benefits of 24/7 support with 5000 + advisors with a compliance-based one-time payment. Through these integrations, you can earn from multiple ad platforms from one that is Revenue hits

If you are confused about any other ad networks, then you may choose the best in 10 best Ad networks here

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