Schools and Colleges reopening from September 1, 2021 in Tamil Nadu (Pros and Cons)

I hope most of the students are aware of schools and colleges reopening from September 1 in Tamil Nadu. In this article, we will discuss the positives and negatives of opening colleges in the upcoming Third wave of Covid 19. And also you are allowed to post your comments after reading this article so that it will be reported to Government officials whether people like opening Schools, colleges or not.

The recent update from the Government of Tamilnadu is allowing schools for classes 9 to 12 and colleges including polytechnic to open from September 1 on a Shift basis. Yes, you have to go for one day and the other day will be somewhat like a study holiday. Because if the government is not giving shift basis option it’ll lead to the rise of corona cases among young students.
At present, people who are above 18 are taking vaccines but we know that all are not vaccinated. In Tamilnadu, more than 2,80,35,000+ people are vaccinated. But till now young age students are not getting vaccinated completely. So government should take care of all the young persons who are going to schools and colleges.
The government is also planning to open schools for kindergarten and also classes 1 to 8 after September 15, but complete information will only come after consulting with respective government officials. [Updated Soon]. 

Safety norms for schools and colleges reopening

  • All staff/teachers including non-teaching staff must be vaccinated.
  • The government has not mandated all students must be vaccinated but it is up to the persons who are going to colleges/schools.
  • The school students will be provided with a sufficient quantity of vitamin c, multivitamin tablets, and other immunity boosters.
  • Symptomatic students and teachers will not be allowed.
  • The schools/colleges should ensure proper cleaning and sanitation facilities.
  • It is 50% of students who are going to attend the classes, so the government has mandated at least 6 feet distance between students has to be ensured by the school management.
  • College institutions have been directed to ensure distancing at the entry and exit for students of different classes/departments. (It will be helpful to prevent overcrowding and avoid the spreading of Covid).
  • Students and teachers who are in containment zones have been asked to not attend classes and are asked not to go to schools and colleges.
  • Elderly and pregnant employees have been instructed to take extra precautions.
I know that most of you don’t like opening schools and colleges. But the situation is very bad when comes to learning of school students. But when it comes to college students, mostly they like studying at home and in online classes. It is the responsibility of the government to create a new form of education that allows and goes in the line of college students’ mindset. At present they don’t like just reading the syllabus, they want to learn more, read more.
Just consider, you are a person who is going to college daily and spend 5 hours in real classes and 2 hours in travel. It will again lead to Stress for students to adapt to a new environment. They have to sit in classes, which they are not doing from 2019. It’s been 2 years of complete sitting in a classroom. So teachers have to ensure that not going to deep classes in first few days itself and they have to ensure that students love to learn more than the textbooks. They have to teach real-world experiences and examples for them to spark their mind for adopting the old environment (sitting in classrooms). Now let us move to see the positives and negatives of reopening schools and colleges.

Pros of  schools and colleges reopening

  • School students will learn the basic education properly.
  • Some research shows that the best learning one will get when physically present in the classroom.
  • People who are infamous/reputed institutions will like to go for real classes.
  • One and one conversations from Teachers will help to clear doubts and help to learn more new things as well as experiences.
  • They are going to try and live in New environment.
  • Mobile or PC radiation affects their eye as well as their health So it’s better to open schools.

Cons of schools and colleges reopening

 schools and colleges reopening

I know that I’ve got more negatives than positives.
  • Students are unlikely to obey the behavior and practice social distancing.
  • Enforcing social distancing and wearing masks could be a primary task for teachers, especially with younger students.
  • Local health departments require extensive contact tracing when a kid is affected.
  • After a long time, they are going to go to schools/colleges, so they may experience new environments like a new set of friends and new routines.
  • Students’ minds will get disturbed because till now they were practiced learning and studies in online classes.
  • Again students are going to be dependent on learning institutions.
  • Students are feeling within 10,000 they can get Cambridge University degree/certificate but with the fee of 10,000+ college/institutions are not giving much value worth for money.
More positives and negatives will be updated shortly after getting and reviewing all your comments and suggestions.
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Arun Kumar S
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  1. Pros:
    1 Durring lab hours, students can’t understand the handling of an instrument, connections
    2 With eye to eye contact teacher can understand that the topic had reached by the students
    1 since kerla has high positive rate of covid 19 students from kerla would enter tamil nadu school and and college that create a fear among the students
    2 During lunch period sharing of food among the students that becomes risk in increase in positive rate
    3 Students would intended to eat unhealthy foods like street foods
    4 It would not be safe while traveling in public transportation

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