Seenivasan Poems ( Harry Potter, Apple, Rainy Days, Maths, Saloon, Writing Table )

Seenivasan Poems

Poems from the hands of the Seenivasan.V


seenivasn poems

The wall full of reflection
Chuck, chuck, chuck, Chuck, Chuck, Chuck,
The hands led away to the gates of heaven
Chuck, Chuck, Chuck, Chuck, Chuck, Chuck
Scissors make some handsome with cuts
Chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck…


seenivasan poems

The biggest hope is, all problems begins and ends with digits only
Centimeters, millimeters, meters, liters, are the initial answers,
Some problems have given birth to twin answers by sides,
I’ll meet the solutions across the many steps,
Forgetting formulas are the cruel thing in the world
Only one subject makes the exam hall as hell.

Writing Table

seenivasan poems

Scriptures of scribbling and signature,

Dining Table for ants and I
Cradle of the little Meena (kitten 🐱),
The battleground for Pen fights,
Stand for the indoor entertainments,
Exam days only remember the purpose of the table 
Yeah…It’s my writing table.

Stormy days

Boring days in my lifetime,
Empty grounds are playing with falling water,
Slipping slippers and wet clothes only there,
No outings! Wet days with dry memories,
Power cut and the mosquito is a great companion to me,
Running nose with unmovable I am..

Harry Potter

seenivasn poems

The scar tells the name of the boy,
His spectacles see only the hidden paths of Hogwarts,
The boy roaming under the bedsheets
Same wands at the two realms.
The whole wizard world is in the safe hands of Gryffindor hero
Owner of Hedwig in my wands…


seenivasn poems

Apple is the balance seed of the world ate by Eve,
A little bit of the earth struck in the throat of all of
 the men,
Gravity hit the newton brain with this forbidden fruit
Now also the Craze does not pull by gravity, the APPLE tasted by EVE❗


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