Software Engineer at Google – Prepare yourself easily (Preparation guide)

How can I prepare myself to be a software engineer at Google?

software engineer at google

The first thing first make sure you’re ready to prove what’s on your resume, make sure you are good at the data structure, hashtable, array as well as algorithm space, and time complexity. finally, they want you to brush up on system design as well as object-oriented programing.

In general, you want to show your problem-solving skills to the questions you are asked if it is a coding, providing efficient code in a short time frame key, if it’s design question with your interview to create a high-level system and if applicable delivering into deeper issues. if its general analysis questions,make  sure you understand all aspect of the problem and if necessary offer multiple questions.


Spend your majority of time in writing code, make sure that you are pretty familiar with one coding language, and typically will interview in C++ or java you may use python, RC in different projects in Google. in addition you will be expected to know API. To test your code you want to come up with corner cases and edge cases.

The most important thing is an algorithm, you have to know how complex your algorithm is, remember time and space complexity as well as how to improve or change it. Also, take look at algorithms like Dykstra’s or a star.

Skills do you need to be a software engineer at Google.

  1.  Foundation – You have to be good at introducing to CS courses, like the ones from Udacity or Coursera.
  2. Learn at least one object-oriented programming language. Like C++, Java, or Python. Consult MIT or Udacity.
  3.  Learn some other programming languages. Add JavaScript, CSS, Ruby, and HTML to your skillset. W3school and CodeAcademy are there to help
  4. Test your code. Because you must know to “catch bugs, create tests, and break your software.” Udacity, once again.
  5. Have a background in abstract math. Like logical reasoning and discrete math. MIT can help you with mathematics for computer science.
  6. Understand algorithms and data structures. Google wants you to be good at fundamental data types like stacks, queues, and bags. The main areas software engineers should prepare to succeed at an interview at Google: Algorithm Complexity: It’s fairly critical that you understand big-O complexity analysis. Again run some practice problems to get this down in application. Sorting: Know how to sort. Don’t do bubble-sort. You should know the details of at least one n*log(n) sorting algorithm, preferably two (say, quicksort and merge  sort). Merge sort can be highly useful in situations where quicksort is impractical, so take a look at it., MIT provides the recommended online resources, and the book “The Algorithm Design Manual” is super helpful, too.
  7. Know operating systems. You have to do much work around this area. The University of California, Berkeley, provides a primer.
  8. Familiar with artificial intelligence. Google is working on robots.
  9. Get to know how to build compilers. you will know how a program written in a high-level language designed for humans is systematically translated into a program coded in low-level assembly more suited to machines. Refer to Coursera for the learning.
  10. Get to know cryptography. Because cybersecurity is important. Coursera and Udacity provide courses.
  11. Learn parallel programming. Because have to make out tons of computations at a time is super powerful. The University of Illinois can help you  out.

Develop your skills in Data Structures and Algorithms because Google test your coding skill and mostly they give importance to Data Structure and Algorithm skills. Then participate in Google conducted coding contest: Google CodeJam. Perform well in this contest and you will get the job.

software engineer at google

How to apply:

  1. Type,
  2. Select ‘Software Engineer’
  3. Click on ‘Apply
  4. Fill in the required details in the prescribed format.
  5. Upload all the indeed documents.
  6. And then submit.

How to succeed:

Google, believes in collaboration and sharing thoughts. crucially, you’ll need more information from the interviewer to study & answer the question to its full extent.
● It’s fine to question your interviewer.
● When you are asked to provide a solution, first define and frame the problem as you see it.
● It’s ok If you don’t understand – ask for help or clarification.
● If you have to assume something – verbally check it’s a correct assumption!
● Evaluate how you want to tackle solving each part of the question.
● Always let your interviewer know what you are thinking as he/she will be as interested in your process of thought as your solution. Also, if you’re stuck, they may provide hints if they know what you’re doing.
● Finally, listen – don’t miss a hint if your interviewer is trying to assist you.

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