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Taboola is a specialized advertising company 2007 founded in Israel, and headquartered in USA, focusing on showing advertisements relevant to news articles. Taboola ad is user-centric that displays content based on the interest of the user. Taboola has the highest rating in attracting huge high-quality organic and inorganic traffic to your website through unique content providers all over the world.

Taboola Advertising has creatively flexible content ads that boost your revenue through new audiences and engagement.Taboola has 500 million active users,22000 premium websites, and receives 400 billion content recommendations each month.


To sign up in Taboola which is one of the personalized audience engagement platforms that boost revenue through advertisement. The basic requirement to start with Taboola is to be major-You should be 18 years old with your own website posting quality blog content that isn’t copied from any other sources leading to copyright issues.


  1. visit the website 

2. Scroll down and click the Try now button.

3. You will land up on a new page as below where you have to submit the required details in the Form.

taboola signup.PNG

Enter your name, and official e-mail address (This may be the e-mail address associated with the domain name of your website, select your country, and paste your website URL(The website URL is not mandatory as either you can opt for the option that you don’t have a website ), enter your company size, opt the option whether you have to receive personalized tips to increase the performance of your website or not.

4. Click on the let us get started button below the requirements form of taboola.

5. You will land on a campaign page where you have to paste the URL of the page to promote your content through taboola and click the next button.


6. Once clicking the next button you will be redirected to the check-out page where you have to choose the Marketing objective of the web page or content to which you are trying to increase client engagement such as 

  • Lead Generation – Bring new leads or people to sign up for newsletters and e-mails for your website.
  • Online Purchase – Inducing customers to buy your products by directly redirecting to the purchase page of your website.
  • Brand Awareness – To trap new audiences to generate brand awareness of your product or service.
  • Web Engagement – To increase the visitors to your page increasing viewers.
  • Mobile App Installs- Redirects to the page where users install the new apps related to your website or business.

Choose the location of the audience you want to trap, choose the online devices your audiences are using like mobile phones, laptops, or tablets, and Choose the budget and CPC for daily client engagement. Choosing a minimum of 1 US$ as your daily budget will result in 259 clicks per month with an initial CPS of 0.12 per month.

You must at least choose a budget worth 10 US$ that brings you 2584 clicks per month through taboola . You will reach 4 million to 9 million in a broad spectrum where you will specifically target between 600 k to 2 million users for deeper client engagement.

7. Click Next and navigate to the Payments page 


 Provide your company details such as address and GSTIN (in India, it may vary based on the country).

8. Fill up the Payment details using supported cards (only Discover, visa, master, JCB, and American Express cards are valid) and Process the payment.

You have now successfully signed up in taboola where you can see the performance and revenue in the user dashboard provided.

CPC and CPM Rates:

In taboola ad, CPC and CPM rates will vary according to the bid you are in. Where 1 cent is equal to 0.01 dollars,taboola has a CPC range from 2 to 5 cents that can bring a minimum revenue of 2 $ in Taboola ad. It has proved an average CPC of 0.15$ to 0.30$ with a revenue share of 0.37$ when you cross 1000 page viewers.

The CPM is similar to the money you pay per 1000 impressions of your campaign. say for example if you get paid $0.10 as CPM, then you are getting paid $0.10 for 1000 impressions of your campaign in Taboola.

Taboola has shown 8.4 % growth in revenue crossing 1.2 billion in 2021 where a minimum RPM of $2 USD is paid to the listing of your page. This may vary based on the quality of content on the website however the RPM rates are lower for taboola , you need huge traffic indeed to reach large RPM rates.

You can visit the Taboola Help Center to deal with any problems related to taboola ads and can reach the account manager through the support e-mail and link attached herewith to add a new website to your network by submitting an inquiry.

The additional website must also be registered individually to avoid further problems that enable smoother linking of a new website to your network.

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