5 best technology trends to keep an eye on in 2022

5 best technology trends to keep an eye on in 2022

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In 2022, what will be the next big thing in technology? It’s hard to know exactly what technologies are going to be most significant in four years, but here are some tech trends that will definitely be important in 2022 and beyond. Let’s take a look at five of them now and how you can use them wisely today.


5 Best Technology Trends In 2022

Technology is one of those things that we all use and rely on every day, but how often do you really stop and think about what you’re using, why, and if it could be better? Technology has been a rapidly growing industry for decades. Today, technology is becoming so advanced that it’s hard to see where it will go next. Here are some predictions for 5 technology trends that might just shape our world in 2022.


Tablets And Smartphones Will No Longer Exist As Separate Devices

Today’s smartphones and tablets are great, but they each have limitations that are being addressed by all three major mobile operating systems—Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s Windows. With Apple releasing watchOS and tvOS (its first two iterations of software that exist outside of its iPhone), Google launching Chrome OS and rolling out standalone apps, and Microsoft introducing its new Surface line of tablets, more users will be able to do more with their devices regardless of screen size. Even better: when manufacturers create a seamless experience across all devices—no matter how many you own—it helps improve efficiency while saving us time.


Virtual Reality Will Become Much More Realistic

Virtual reality will continue to be refined and become much more realistic over time. We’ll likely see VR headsets become affordable for consumers and completely immerse us in virtual worlds, allowing us to experience things that aren’t real—or aren’t even possible. For example, imagine sitting courtside at a basketball game or exploring other planets. The applications are endless—and could even make office work easier. And while immersive gaming has been a selling point of VR technology since its inception, there will also be opportunities for people who enjoy gaming as well as those who prefer less-interactive entertainment experiences like movies and sports.


Our Digital Data Lives In The Cloud

In 2022, we will be using cloud-based services and technology more than ever before. Even though our digital world has relied heavily on cloud computing since its inception, it’s only getting bigger from here. From cloud-based voice assistants that work with every connected device in your home to a future that features driverless cars and autonomous vehicles (AVs), experts predict a bright (and very tech-filled) future for us. While each expert might differ slightly on what exactly these advances will look like, they all agree that their implementation is inevitable. As one executive put it: It will happen—there’s no way of stopping it now.


Wearable Tech is Becoming Mainstream

Wearable tech is here, and it’s only getting more advanced. Between smartwatches, health trackers, virtual reality headsets and fitness-focused clothing, many of us are already familiar with how wearable tech works — and how useful it can be for staying healthy and being productive. In 2022, we’ll see even more advances in these areas, as well as a greater focus on augmenting our smartphones with smartwatch capabilities. Not only will it be easier than ever before to stay connected without losing track of important messages or notifications but we’ll also continue to get better insights into our own personal health by using wearables — information that can help us understand ourselves better and make smarter decisions about lifestyle choices.


Maintaining tech-life balance

As technology becomes more advanced, it becomes harder and harder to disconnect. In some ways, that’s a good thing; we’re becoming more efficient with our time and can accomplish more than ever before. That’s great if you’re running a business and trying to meet deadlines or launch a new product—but it can also work against you if you need a break from your day-to-day duties. To maintain tech-life balance, stay organized and be aware of your personal needs: If you have trouble disconnecting at night, try setting reminders throughout your day so that you take breaks away from your devices when you need them most.

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