Top 9 strategies for exam – Prepare yourself easily and effectively.

Top 9 strategies for exam.

strategies for exam

Studying is a part of our academic life, and besides, it helps to develop ourselves professionally. Good study skills help you to increase your self-esteem and confidence level. Studying is not that complicated, but if you study without knowing some strategies, it will surely be a hard and complicated one.

How to begin this process exactly?

  • Map the syllabus
  • Know the different subjects
  • Subject wise marks
  • Topic covered in previous grades
  • Get a rough idea of what you will be learning. Split it term wise or unit wise

When your exams are coming closer, your parents, relatives, and colleagues tell you how to study or not to study. In that case, a few may work and a few of them may not work.

For example :

You may get some suggestions like,

  1. Study on your bed
  2. Study at day
  3. Study at night
  4. Do not use your mobile phones
  5. Make a plan
  6. Take breaks
  7. Study for long hours
  8. Do not study in a group

From the above suggestions,

The first five suggestions will be relevant and useful to you. But the remaining is none. By the following,

There are many tips and tricks waiting for you people to read it and make use of it.

Scientific strategies for the exam:

 Do not study at night:

         It has been scientifically proven that studying at night with sleep deprivation causes less working memory, ability to execute functions, and lowers your physical reaction. Lack of sleep causes a lot of tiredness, which eventually lowers your brain functionality. Study during day time as much as possible would have a peaceful sleep at night as well.

According to the study of Microsoft, a surprising fact is that the average human being now has an attention span of 8 seconds and the average concentration span can be between 1 to 2 hours.

Study in small chunks:

     According to the Pomodoro technique, you should study in small chunks of 25 to 30 minutes and take a 5 minutes break as you like. Give a tea break or listen to some music or wander in the free place where you like. Here comes the Zeigamik effect where that people remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks.

Create a plan and fix a goal to study

      Make short-term goals for yourself like learning the Pythagoras theorem or the parts of human body study, one topic at a time, and make sure that you just understand the topic but you should also be able to teach that concept to others too. If you have one target then you can focus more and better

Make a group study and teach to one another

     Let us make an experiment. Make two groups consisting of equal numbers of people. In Group A, the students were just asked to study a topic. In Group B, they were told that they had to teach the topic to a class of students. After they have studied it, results showed that Group B performed better than Group A. This means, if you can teach someone, your brain trains itself in a more coherent manner. So try to study in groups or teach your friends in a more logical and consistent way.

Where to study?

        Design a table and fix the spot for your study. Your study should have everything that you might meanwhile be studying sitting on a chair, this will keep your posture proper. Do not study in bed, they are meant for sleeping. Make sure the room is lightened sufficiently. The direction of light is best if it comes from behind and over the shoulder and light directly from above is also good.

 Music helps in studying

       Yeah, of course. But what matters the most is which type of music you are listening to. The trick is to choose music that is different from your favorite genre and music with a repetitive pulse. Choose neutral music or any classical music and don’t play too loud.

The Mozart effect is the most famous theory that links music and cognitive performance which is closely related to learning and problem-solving skills. People also see that listening to Mozart can make you smarter, but there is no scientific proof to that. Also, remember we are talking about music rather than songs. There should be a minimum or zero lyrics.

 Make use of flashcards:

     A lot of you must be marking important statements in your book. So that it will be easier for you to revise it later. Another scientific method is to highlight them. When you randomly highlight a lot of things on a paper your brain cannot any of those topics together causing a fight. It also draws unnecessary attention to the topic which is not very important also. On the other hand, when you look at the front side of the flashcard and think of an answer you are engaging a mental faculty, known as active recall.

In other words, you try to remember the idea from scratch instead of just looking at the paragraph in your textbooks. For remembering it on a questionnaire with multiple choices, a successful recall has been shown to create stronger neural connections for this memory trade. Flash scores help you practice faster.

Practice as much as you can

        The more confidence you get by taking a practice test, the more effort you still want to put effort. So just practice, practice well. Do you really need scientific proof for this? It is said that if you practice something continuously for 28 days, it becomes your habit. So keep studying at the time of your examinations. Give a regular revision.

Keep your mobile phones away while studying

strategies for exam

     And last but not least, follow the heading and start studying. The continuous updates on your phone are extremely distracting and kill your concentration. You can also try E-fasting which is like regular fasting. But here you keep yourself away from electronic gadgets and social media.

To do this you can try a few tips like,

  1.  Turn the notification off
  2. Reduce the number of times you check your phone
  3. Time yourself
  4. Be more self-disciplined
  5. Remove a few apps from your mobile phones.

There will always be exceptions in life, so there may be students for whom few of those tips may not work. So don’t worry, just find your best way to understand and study your topic well.


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