Top 7 Telegram Tips 

By: Learn Immense

Use the SAVED MESSAGE chat as your Personal Cloud Storage with Unlimited Storage, you can use this to store all Kinds of files

1. Personal Cloud Storage

Yes, you can easily Import your whatsapp chat to telegram.

Go to Whatsapp > Export > To Telegram > Select Chat > Export

2. Import your Whatsapp Chat

3. React to Others Message

This Feature is available in Updated Version of Telegram, Use this and save your time

4. Organize Chat in Folders 

You may have multiple groups and Chats, so you can use telegram Feature - Folders to organize things( Groups, Contacts)

Introduced on iOS devices but it is now available for android users.

5. Translate Messages in Telegram

6. Send Photos Without Compression

Choose the File option instead of Photo or video in the send context menu to avoid compression by Telegram

7. Set Reminders 

Yes, Set Reminders Easily.

Go to Saved Messages > Type Reminder Message > Long Press the Message > Set > Get Reminded